If you’ve got a one-way ticket to Hawaii, you’re probably excited to start exploring the islands. But to do so requires a car, and the Aloha State isn’t the easiest place to take one.

Luckily, we’ve put together a guide to help simplify the process of shipping a car to Hawaii. Our team has reviewed the United States’ best vehicle shipping companies, and now we’ve refined our list for transport across the Pacific.

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    Cost Of Hawaii Car Shipping

    Shipping a car to or from Hawaii can cost anywhere from $950 to over $3,000, depending on several factors. To provide some context for these numbers, we received price estimates from Montway Auto Transport, one of our top choices for cheap car shipping services. All costs are based on shipping an operable 2018 Honda Accord using open transport.

    Port of Departure

    Port of Arrival

    Price Estimate

    Long Beach



    Long Beach

    Maui, Big Island, or Kauai



    Long Beach


    Maui, Big Island, or Kauai

    Long Beach


    New York City






    These prices are constantly in flux and can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as:

    • Time of year: The summer months and January tend to be more expensive.
    • Vehicle size: The larger the car, the more expensive it will be to move.
    • Type of transport: Open transport is cheaper than enclosed transport.
    • Delivery method: Door-to-door service costs more than port-to-port service.
    • Destination: Shipping to California costs less than shipping to the East Coast or Midwest.
    • Direction: Moving a car from Hawaii to the mainland is usually cheaper than the opposite.
    • Price of fuel: If fuel is expensive, expect your car shipment cost to increase.

    What To Expect When Shipping A Car To Hawaii

    Hawaii car transport is a much trickier task than shipping to most other states. Since it’s in the middle of the Pacific, all vehicles get loaded onto a boat and endure transit times of about one to three weeks to reach the Hawaiian islands.

    Some special procedures must be followed when shipping your car to or from Hawaii, including:

    • Empty your tank: Cars shipped to Hawaii must have less than a quarter tank of gas.
    • Carry the right documents: Bring your car’s title, its vehicle registration, and a photo ID when shipping a car to Hawaii. If you’re taking a vehicle back to the U.S. mainland, bring a notarized letter from your car’s lien holder or second owner if applicable.
    • Get your car inspected: If your car is deemed inoperable at the time of pickup, it may be denied or slapped with extra fees. It’s best not to take any chances.
    • Take out all personal belongings: Personal belongings cannot be shipped inside your vehicle under any circumstances.
    • Turn off your alarm system: All alarms must be disconnected prior to travel.

    Because of Hawaii’s isolated location, expect a steep auto shipping cost when sending your vehicle to the state. If your car is not worth much, it may be better to leave it on the mainland. On the other hand, a vehicle worth $30,000 may be well suited for shipment.

    Sending your car to Oahuthe island that’s home to Honolulumay cost a few hundred dollars less than shipping it to Kahului on Maui, Hilo on the Big Island, or Nawiliwili on Kauai. This is because a greater amount of traffic heads to and from Hawaii’s most populous island. 

    Many from the eastern United States opt to drive their cars to the ports in Los Angeles, Seattle/Tacoma, Oakland, and San Diego to take advantage of the West Coast’s lower shipping prices. Another method people commonly use is roll-on/roll-off shipping, where cars are driven directly to a West Coast port and loaded onto a ship headed to Hawaii. Once their car arrives at its destination, it is rolled off the ship with the rest of the cargo.

    Top Providers For Shipping A Car To Hawaii

    Since shipping a car to Hawaii takes extra effort, not all industry leaders offer the service. Luckily, top providers Easy Auto Ship and Montway Auto Transport regularly carry vehicles to and from the Aloha State.

    Easy Auto Ship: Best Added Benefits

    Since its founding in 2013, Easy Auto Ship has gained a reputation for providing both reliable and cheap shipping services. The auto transport company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating.

    Easy Auto Ship offers countless benefits to its customers, from an extensive insurance policy to the choice of specific car pickup and drop-off dates. Perhaps most significantly, Easy Auto Ship provides guaranteed pricing, so hidden fees cannot be added once an offer has been accepted.

    Easy Auto Ship Pros

    Easy Auto Ship Cons

    Cheap prices

    Average customer satisfaction

    Instant quote process

    Guaranteed pricing

    Though some other shippers hold slightly higher customer satisfaction scores, Easy Auto Ship’s mix of competitive rates with quality benefits makes it a top choice for shipping a car to Hawaii.

    Montway Auto Transport: Best Overall

    We ranked Montway Auto Transport as the top car shipper in the country, and it’s a great choice for shipping a car to Hawaii as well. The company’s rates are consistently among the lowest in the industry, despite countless extra services offered to customers.

    Montway’s extensive insurance policy and 24/7 chat service with company representatives provide customers added peace of mind when shipping a vehicle. You’ll need to keep an eye out for price hikes, though, since Montway does not offer guaranteed pricing.

    Montway Auto Transport Pros

    Montway Auto Transport Cons

    Low shipping rates

    No guaranteed pricing

    Strong industry reputation

    Works with over 15,000 carriers

    Montway Auto Transport offers great value for the price. With thousands of partners and over 15 years of industry experience, expect great service when your car is shipped to Hawaii. Find out more in our full Montway Auto Transport review.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii?

      Shipping a car to Hawaii can cost anywhere from $950 to over $3,000, depending on the starting point, time of year, and vehicle size. To find some of the lowest prices, we recommend checking out Easy Auto Ship and Montway Auto Transport.

    • Can I ship my car to Hawaii with stuff in it?

      Shipping your car to Hawaii with personal items inside is neither recommended nor permitted. Most Hawaii vehicle transport companies will remove any objects inside your car pre-shipment to prevent damages.

    • Is it worth shipping a car to Hawaii?

      Shipping a car to Hawaii sometimes makes sense, but not always. If your car holds little value or you plan to sell it soon, you may want to trade it in before the move. However, if your car is expensive or essential to your long-term plans, shipping it to Hawaii makes sense.