Protect My Car (PMC) offers affordable extended warranties and maintenance plans for drivers who want to do just what the name says–protect their cars. In this review, we’ll explain coverage options, pricing, Protect My Car reviews, and the industry reputation of this extended warranty and maintenance contract provider.

Our team has done the legwork for you, researching the best extended auto warranty companies out there. If you’re hoping to protect your vehicle with an extended warranty, compare free quotes from our recommended companies. 

In This Review:

    About Protect My Car

    Founded in 2005 in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Protect My Car offers extended auto warranties ranging from basic coverage to bumper-to-bumper coverage for vehicles with up to 125,000 miles. It is one of the few extended car warranty providers that has a maintenance plan option, which is available for older and high-mileage vehicles.

    Protect My Car Pros

    Protect My Car Cons

    Has plans that cover vehicles of all ages

    Only available in select states

    Offers long repayment terms, up to 48 months

    Ambassador plan only offers partial coverage

    Easy claims process via phone

    Benefits include tire rotations and oil changes

    Protect My Car Costs

    Protect My Car’s extended warranty plans are generally more expensive than other top competitors when it comes to the total price tag of coverage. However, the monthly payments and down payments for Protect My Car warranties tend to be among the cheapest. 

    If you’re looking for the best deal overall, Protect My Car may not be the best option for you. That being said, anyone who needs to be careful with their monthly budget could benefit from Protect My Car’s lower-end monthly payment options.

    Our team received quotes for two vehicle types to compare coverage plan costs from Protect My Car. Here are the results:

    Supreme Plan Cost

    For a 2018 Honda Civic with 30,000 miles, we received a quote for a four-year Supreme plan for $2,834 total. The monthly payment was just $58 for 48 months, with a $50 down payment. In terms of the total price, Protect My Car came in above the average extended warranty cost of about $2,400. The monthly price is still one of the cheapest options we found in our research.

    Select Plan Cost

    For a 2012 Subaru Outback with 88,000 miles, a four-year Select plan runs about $3,746 total. The monthly payment in the quote we received was $77 for 48 months, with a $50 down payment. The cost of this plan was competitive with other warranty companies and had one of the cheaper down payment options.

    Driveline Plan Cost

    For a 2012 Subaru Outback with 88,000 miles, the quote we received for a four-year Driveline plan was $3,842 total. The monthly payment was $79 for 48 months, with a $50 down payment. Compared with other top providers, Protect My Car was more expensive when it came to total cost. But like we saw with the other plans, Protect My Car had one of the lowest monthly payments.

    Protect My Car Plan

    Monthly Payment

    Down Payment

    Total Cost

    Supreme (4 years)

    $58 for 48 months



    Select (4 years)

    $77 for 48 months



    Driveline (4 years)

    $79 for 48 months



    You may notice that the cost of the more comprehensive PMC plan is actually cheaper in our research. The quote for the Supreme plan was for a newer vehicle with fewer miles, whereas the quote we received for the Driveline plan was for a nine-year-old vehicle since the plan is intended for older cars (four to ten years old).

    Protect My Car Extended Warranty Coverage

    For newer vehicles, drivers can choose one of three levels of Protect My Car coverage. These extended warranties are available for vehicles up to 10 years old and with fewer than 125,000 miles. Each plan has different criteria for vehicle age and mileage and covers slightly different features.






    Transfer Case

    Drive Axle

    Differential Assembly

    Timing Chain

    Cooling System

    Air Conditioning and Heating


    Front and Rear Suspension

    Select Brake Components

    Turbo Charger

    Navigation System



    The Supreme plan is designed for new vehicles but helps drivers prepare for the long haul. Factory warranties typically expire within three years. If you plan to hang on to your car for longer than that, the Supreme plan can continue to provide coverage. This plan includes everything the lower-tier Select plan covers, plus the turbocharger and optional navigation system protection.

    While each tier offers slightly different coverage, all have a common $100 deductible per repair facility visit. Customers also get additional benefits like car rental reimbursement, 24/7 roadside assistance, oil changes, and tire rotations.

    While this is Protect My Car’s highest coverage plan, it is not a bumper-to-bumper warranty. Many other providers offer bumper-to-bumper vehicle protection plans that cover any part except a list of exclusions. Protect My Car doesn’t offer that type of contract. The Supreme plan lists out each covered item. In other words, it doesn’t cover as many parts as the highest plans offered by other companies, like Endurance or CARCHEX.


    Protect My Car’s Select plan is for vehicles with more than 50,000 miles and is the middle ground option of the three plans. This plan covers everything the lower-tier Driveline plan covers, plus front and rear suspension and select brake system components.


    The Driveline plan is for cars four to 10 years old with more than 80,000 miles. It is PMC’s cheapest extended warranty option and covers the fewest auto repairs of all the plans (although it still has robust offerings). It basically covers the powertrain plus a few other crucial components.

    The Driveline plan covers the following systems and components for up to 5 years/125,000 miles:

    • Engine
    • Transmission 
    • Transfer case
    • Drive axle
    • Differential assembly
    • Cooling system
    • Air conditioning and heating
    • Electrical
    • Timing chain 

    Protect My Car Benefits

    All PMC plans include the benefits below. The reimbursement amounts described below were listed in sample vehicle service contracts posted on the Protect My Car website.

    • Roadside assistance: Pays for up to two roadside assistance calls per year for things like towing, flat tire changes, and fluid delivery
    • Rental car reimbursement: Pays for rental vehicles while your car is in the shop for covered repairs at a rate of $30 a day for up to seven days
    • Trip interruption reimbursement: If your car breaks down more than 150 miles from your home, PMC will reimburse hotel and restaurant expenses at $50 a day for up to three days

    What Does Protect My Car Not Cover?

    Protect My Car doesn’t cover everything. Warranties exclude damage from wear and tear, misuse, overheating, accidents, and environmental events. They also exclude wear items like brake pads, brake rotors, and wiper blades. Other exclusions include:

    • Unauthorized repairs
    • Parts that have worn but not failed completely
    • Parts that upgrade the value of the vehicle
    • Modifications and aftermarket parts
    • Cosmetic items
    • Exhaust pipes
    • Wires, plugs, and bulbs

    Protect My Car Ambassador Policies

    Although many extended warranty providers exclude older vehicles, Protect My Car has a maintenance plan specifically for this group. The Ambassador Policy is a maintenance plan that almost anyone can use, regardless of the age of your vehicle. There are three plans to choose from: Platinum, Elite, and Pro. 

    With the Ambassador Policy, customers get anywhere from 50 to 75 percent off covered repair services. Ambassador plans offer exclusionary coverage, which means they cover anything that isn’t expressly excluded in the contract. However, they only cover 50 to 75 percent of the total repair cost. The plans differ on the portion of auto repairs they cover and whether roadside assistance is included.

    Ambassador plans also cover the full cost of routine maintenance with three free oil changes and two tire rotations per year. However, parts that experience wear and tear–such as brake pads, rotors, and spark plugs–are not covered under this policy. Looking at Protect My Car reviews, we found that customers appreciate this unique blend of maintenance and repair coverage. Here’s a summary of the three plans:

    Ambassador Platinum

    Ambassador Elite

    Ambassador Pro

    Systems Covered




    Exclusionary Coverage

    Oil Change

    Tire Rotations

    Roadside Assistance

    Portion of Repair You Pay




    How Protect My Car Extended Warranties Work

    To file a claim with Protect My Car, call the claims department as soon as you experience a mechanical breakdown. The claims department will call a tow truck to bring your vehicle to an approved repair shop, taking the hassle out of the claims process. If you don’t need a tow, you can go to any licensed repair facility for coverage.

    Protect My Car pays repair costs directly to the repair shop, minus your deductible.

    How To Cancel Protect My Car Coverage

    Like many extended warranty providers, Protect My Car offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your plan or have simply changed your mind about protecting your vehicle, you can request a cancellation within 30 days with no penalty. After the 30-day, no-questions-asked period, you can still transfer your policy at any time. If you cancel altogether, you’ll receive a prorated refund if you’ve paid for more coverage than you used.

    Protect My Car warranties are also fully transferable, so if you’re thinking of selling your covered vehicle, know that canceling your warranty isn’t your only option.

    It’s important to note that although there is a 30-day guarantee, extended warranty customers can’t actually use their benefits until after the 30 days. For Ambassador Policy members, it’s only a 15-day waiting period.

    Protect My Car Reviews

    Over 2,000 Protect My Car reviews on Trustpilot rate the company 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Protect My Car also has a 3.7-star rating out of 5.0 from over 700 reviews on Google. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a customer review score of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. This is an exceptionally high BBB customer rating for an extended warranty provider.

    Positive Protect My Car Reviews

    Positive Protect My Car reviews on the BBB website mention professional and knowledgeable staff. According to reviewers, agents at Protect My Car take the time to make sure customers understand what is and isn’t covered.

    “This is so worth the money … We have had [Protect My Car] for almost a year and so far they have come through on everything they say they would.”

    – Aleksandr Grimm, Trustpilot

    “Great customer service and reliable insurance that covered my car expense that was out of warranty. I definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.”

    – Raul Almaguer, Trustpilot

    Negative Protect My Car Reviews

    However, some negative Protect My Car reviews state that reviewers didn’t have a clear understanding of the plan terms before getting started. Some Protect My Car customers were upset when claims were denied, and others were annoyed by PMC’s pushy advertising tactics.

    “No repair shop around my area would take the coverage. Just to cancel I was talked to very politely but I could tell the agent was not trying to let me off the phone. Even offered to reimburse my oil change that was supposed to be free and I paid for.”

    – Jessica W., BBB

    “This company starts to call people at 8 a.m. and will keep calling. I asked them not to call me anymore and was told we always call people this early in the morning. […] Not happy with this rude company.”

    – Alan S., BBB

    Bottom Line On Protect My Car: 4.2 Stars

    It’s definitely worth it to get a quote from Protect My Car, especially if you are budget-conscious or looking to protect an older vehicle. With some of the lowest monthly payments on the market and a dedicated plan for older vehicles, Protect My Car can give many drivers peace of mind. Protect My Car reviews are largely positive and commend the company’s reliable service.

    For those interested in Protect My Car’s Ambassador Policy, the maintenance discount plan for older vehicles, it’s worth noting that our team gave Protect My Car the Best Maintenance Benefits designation.







    Customer Experience


    Overall Rating


    Top Recommendations For Extended Car Warranties

    When searching for an extended auto warranty, you want to make sure you’re getting the best coverage and price for your needs. That’s why it’s important to compare quotes. Never go with the first company you come across, or you could end up with too much or too little coverage.

    We’ve researched some of the best extended car warranty companies to give you the top recommendations. You may want to consider the following reputable extended car warranty companies in your search to find the best choice for you. 


    Maximum Mileage

    Number Of Plans

    Trustpilot Score


    200,000 miles


    4.4 / 5.0


    250,000 miles


    3.3 / 5.0


    200,000 miles


    4.0 / 5.0

    Protect My Car

    125,000 miles


    4.5 / 5.0


    150,000 miles


    4.3 / 5.0

    Endurance: Best Coverage

    Endurance is our frontrunner for Best Coverage, earning the highest rating in our review of the best extended car warranty companies. One thing that sets the company apart from the rest is its range of coverage options. Endurance offers extended warranties for cars over 100k miles, short waiting periods, and many levels of component coverage.

    Endurance customers also get one year of free extras including key fob replacement and total loss protection under its Endurance Elite Benefits program. Find out more in our Endurance warranty review.

    CarShield: Best Value

    If saving money is your goal, CarShield has flexible payment plans, low monthly costs, and fair coverage. Being a CarShield customer also has its perks, like 24/7 roadside assistance and rental car coverage when your car is in the shop. Budget-conscious drivers should add CarShield to the top of their lists for good coverage at a great price. Learn more in our CarShield review.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is Protect My Car legit?

      Yes, Protect My Car is a legitimate extended car warranty company. It is a reputable provider with positive customer satisfaction ratings on the BBB website, Trustpilot, and Google. Protect My Car is one of our top five recommendations and isn’t a scam or untrustworthy company.

    • What is the best car protection company?

      After comparing all major extended car warranties on the market, we recommend Endurance as the best option overall. Our top five picks also include CARCHEX, CarShield, Protect My Car, and autopom!.

    • Does Protect My Car cover tires?

      Protect My Car covers tire rotations under its Ambassador Elite, Pro, and Platinum plans. It also covers spare tire installation through roadside assistance. However, Protect My Car does not cover tire repair or replacement.

    • Should I get an extended warranty from the dealership?

      There are pros and cons to getting an extended car warranty plan from a dealership. On the plus side, the warranty will cover OEM parts and factory-trained technicians. On the other hand, you can only go to the dealership for car repairs, and you usually have fewer levels of coverage to choose from. Dealerships may only offer extended warranties before your new car warranty has expired.

    • What is Protect My Car's customer service number?

      If you want to contact Protect My Car’s customer service, you can call 1-844-556-4762 to speak to a representative. Customers who need to file a claim due to a mechanical issue can contact the claims department at 1-844-256-4762. 

    How We Rate Warranty Providers

    Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of extended auto warranty providers. While there are multiple qualities that make a warranty company successful, our review team focuses on those we believe are the most important for consumers:

    • Cost: Cost can be difficult to compare between providers because so many factors impact vehicle service contract pricing. To determine our cost score, we perform a secret shopper analysis for a variety of vehicles and plans and consider available deductibles.
    • Coverage: Our team of experts looks at the number of extended warranty plans available, as well as term limits, exclusions, and added benefits like roadside assistance. Ratings also take into account the availability of maintenance coverage.
    • Reputation: It’s important that an extended car warranty company is able to meet its claims obligations. Companies with a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) score well in this category. Established providers with a long history of reliable service also receive positive marks.
    • Customer Experience: We listen to real customer sales calls and comb through reviews on sites like the BBB to learn about customer experiences. Warranty companies with a low volume of complaints score well in this area. We also consider the availability of mobile apps and chat features.