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Kia vehicles are among the most reliable in the auto industry according to expert studies, and they don’t often incur expensive repair costs. However, even dependable vehicles break down sooner or later, which is when a Kia extended warranty could come in handy.

But is Kia’s coverage the best option for your vehicle? In this article, we’ll take a look at Kia’s factory warranty, reliability ratings, average repair costs, and more to help you determine the potential value of a Kia extended warranty. We’ll also see how Kia’s extended warranty options stack up against one of the industry’s best extended car warranty providers.

To know which warranty is right for you, you’ll want to compare pricing for your vehicle. You’ll need to contact a dealership for a Kia extended warranty quote, but you can get free quotes from several leading third-party providers below.

In This Review:

    What Does A Kia Extended Warranty Cover?

    When you buy a new Kia from the dealership, you’ll have the option to purchase Kia extended warranty coverage that can protect your vehicle up to 120,000 miles. There are three plans available: Powertrain, Gold, and Platinum.

    • Platinum: The Platinum warranty is an exclusionary contract that covers nearly all Kia parts. Some of the only parts that aren’t covered are the pressure plate, airbags, body parts, trim, tires and wheels, non-hybrid/electric batteries, lightbulbs, upholstery, safety restraint systems, the exhaust system, brake linings, drums, rotors, and pads.
    • Gold: The Gold warranty covers most major vehicle components, including the engine, cooling system, transmission, drive axle, steering, brakes, air conditioning, suspension, and electrical systems.
    • Powertrain: The Powertrain warranty covers your car’s basic powertrain components. This includes the engine, transmission, transaxle, transfer case, and drive axle.

    Additional Benefits

    All Kia extended warranty plans include perks such as towing, roadside assistance, flat tire service, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption coverage up to $100 a day for a maximum of three days.

    Kia Appearance Protection Plan

    Kia owners also have the option to purchase an appearance plan, which covers:

    • Dents and dings
    • Windshield chips
    • Headlight brightening
    • Interior repair services
    • Road hazard tire and wheel protection

    How Much Does A Kia Extended Warranty Cost?

    A Kia extended warranty must be purchased from a dealership, which means the final price is likely to be negotiable. In our research, we found one customer who reported paying around $1,600 for a 7-year/75,000-mile Kia extended warranty. The customer did not say what car they own or which plan they chose, but even for the lowest level of Kia extended warranty coverage, this is a competitive price for vehicle protection.

    However, the cost of any extended warranty is variable, so a protection plan for your Kia may differ from this example.

    Factors that will determine the cost of your Kia extended warranty include:

    • Vehicle model
    • Vehicle age and mileage
    • Contract deductible option
    • Contract term length
    • Location

    Do You Need Kia Warranty Coverage?

    When considering a Kia extended warranty, it helps to compare expected repair costs with the cost of coverage. The best protection plans will pay for themselves by fully covering the cost of repairs. However, even if a warranty costs more than your vehicle’s average repairs, it can still be worth it to protect you against an especially expensive breakdown.

    Kia vehicles are very reliable according to RepairPal, ranking third overall in RepairPal’s 2020 reliability ratings. The average annual Kia repair cost is $474. Though this differs for each Kia model, it is much lower than the industry-wide average of $652.

    Select Kia models, their reliability ratings, and common problems are outlined below.

    RepairPal Reliability Rating

    Average Annual Repair Cost

    Kia Sorento

    4.0 out of 5.0


    Kia Optima

    4.0 out of 5.0


    Kia Sportage

    4.0 out of 5.0


    As you can see, Kia vehicles are exceptionally reliable, with most models costing less than $500 per year to maintain.

    This is likely to be less than you would pay for Kia extended warranty coverage. However, some common issues can require costly repairs that customers may be unable or unwilling to pay for out of pocket. A Kia extended warranty not only gives drivers peace of mind that expensive repairs will be covered, but it can also be a way to finance repair costs.

    Kia Factory Warranty

    All new Kias come with a manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost. The Kia factory warranty is extensive, and powertrain coverage lasts longer than even some manufacturer extended warranties.

    New Kia warranty coverage includes:

    • 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty
    • 5-year/60,000-mile limited basic warranty
    • 5-year/100,000-mile anti-perforation warranty
    • 5-year/60,000-mile roadside assistance benefits

    The five-year limited basic warranty protects nearly all Kia-installed parts, with the same exceptions as the Kia extended warranty. After five years, only powertrain components are protected.

    Certified pre-owned (CPO) Kia vehicles are protected by a 10-year/100,000-mile pre-owned powertrain limited warranty.

    If you do not plan to own your Kia for more than five years, it is unlikely that you will need extended protection. However, Kia coverage is transferable. This means that a Kia extended warranty could help raise the resale value of your vehicle if you sell it within the limits of your contract.

    Benefits Of A Third-Party Extended Warranty

    It’s worth considering third-party extended warranties in addition to those offered by the manufacturer. Third-party providers may offer more flexible coverage terms, more deductible options, and longer contracts.

    Our review team has examined every major extended auto warranty provider in the industry, taking a look at plan options, costs, customer reviews, and more. We found Endurance to be among the best third-party providers on the market.

    See how a Kia extended warranty compares to Endurance warranty coverage below.

    Kia Extended Warranty

    Endurance Extended Warranty

    Start Date

    When factory warranty expires


    Longest Term

    120,000 miles

    200,000+ miles

    Number of Plans





    $0, $50, $100, $200

    Repair Facilities

    Kia dealerships

    Repair shops certified

    by the National Institute

    for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®)

    Extra Benefits

    • Roadside assistance
    • Rental reimbursement
    • Courtesy towing
    • Trip interruption
    • Flat tire service

    1 year free of Elite Benefits, which includes:

    • Roadside assistance
    • Total loss protection
    • Collision discount
    • Tire repair/replacement
    • Key fob replacement
    • Endurance mobile app

    How to Purchase

    Purchase from dealerships

    Get Quote

    With Endurance, customers have access to more plan options. However, two of the most important factors for an extended warranty are cost and quality of coverage. The highest level of protection offered by a Kia extended warranty will likely cover as much or more than an Endurance warranty. Because dealership pricing may be negotiable, Kia coverage could also be cheaper.

    The Bottom Line: Kia Extended Warranty

    Kia vehicles are known for their reliability according to experts like RepairPal. The vehicles come with a lengthy manufacturer’s warranty, so many drivers may choose not to buy a Kia extended warranty. However, for those intending to keep their Kias longer than 10 years or who want bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage, an extended warranty is worth considering.

    A Kia extended warranty from the dealer provides comprehensive coverage at relatively low rates. Unlike a third-party provider, there is a guarantee that repairs will be made by Kia-trained technicians using genuine Kia parts.

    But it may be possible to find cheaper contracts from third-party providers. If you do not purchase a Kia extended warranty before your factory warranty expires, it is likely you will not be eligible to add coverage. In this case, looking into third-party alternatives is your only option.

    We recommend getting free quotes from several sources and comparing plans side by side.

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