Allstate Vehicle Service Contract: Reviews and Costs (2022)

Most drivers know Allstate as a car insurance provider. What they might not know, however, is that the insurer also offers an Allstate vehicle service contract for drivers looking to save money on mechanical breakdowns.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Allstate vehicle service contract in-depth, including its coverage options, cost, and claims process. We’ll also give our expert opinion on the quality of Allstate’s contracts and alternative options available to you.

In addition to Allstate vehicle service contracts, our review team looked into the best extended car warranty providers on the market. Before purchasing any extended coverage plan, it’s best to reach out to multiple providers and compare quotes.

Allstate Overview

Headquartered in Illinois, Allstate is an insurance provider that’s been in business for almost 90 years. While the company is known for its insurance policies, it also offers customers an Allstate vehicle service contract called Extended Vehicle Care.

Overall, our review team gives Allstate vehicle service contracts a 3.5 out of 5.0 rating. Here’s a breakdown of our thoughts on Allstate:

Overall Rating3.5
PriceSee dealership
Customer Service3.4

Allstate has a strong industry standing with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Its vehicle service contracts are issued and administered by Pablo Creek Services, E.R.J. Insurance Group, and SafeRide Motor Club.

Allstate Vehicle Service Contract Coverage

Three Allstate vehicle service contract levels – Powertrain, Core Systems, and Comfort & Tech – have customizable term lengths. Contracts are only available for cars under four years old, have fewer than 50,000 miles on their odometer, and are still covered under their original factory warranty.

Here’s an overview of each Allstate extended warranty:

Allstate Vehicle Service ContractCoverage
PowertrainCovers the engine, transmission, drive axles, and some related parts
Core SystemsCovers your vehicle’s main mechanical and electrical systems, including brakes, steering, suspension, electrical, fuel system, and engine cooling, but does not cover powertrain components
Comfort & TechCovers comfort features such as the air conditioning and heating systems, convenience technology like cruise control, keyless entry, and power windows, and Safety Tech components like blind-spot warning systems

Allstate vehicle service contracts foot most of the bill for parts and labor for covered component repairs. Customers are only responsible for a $50 deductible.

Note that your Allstate contract will only cover mechanical failures. It will not cover damage resulting from collisions, misuse, improper maintenance, or normal wear and tear.

If you’re unhappy with your Allstate warranty, you can cancel it at any time for a prorated refund. As for transferability, Allstate encourages contract holders to contact a specialist if they’re selling their vehicle and want to transfer their coverage to the new owner.

Additional Benefits of an Allstate Vehicle Service Contract

Each Allstate vehicle service contract comes with the following perks:

  • Towing coverage up to $100 per occurrence
  • Emergency roadside assistance up to $100 per occurrence
  • Alternate transportation and rental car coverage up to $40 per day for a maximum of seven days while your vehicle is in the shop for a covered repair
  • Trip interruption coverage up to $500 per occurrence for a maximum of three days if your vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles from your home

Other Available Allstate Vehicle Protection Plans

Beyond vehicle service contracts, Allstate also offers a few other auto protection plans, including:

  • Tire and wheel protection
  • Windshield and dent repair

Some of these protection plans are only available in certain states, so check with a representative on what options are available in your area.

Cost of an Allstate Vehicle Service Contract

The cost of your vehicle service contract will depend on a few different factors, including:

  • Vehicle make, model, and age: Older, high-mileage, luxury, and less-reliable cars are often more expensive to cover.
  • Contract length: Typically, longer extended contracts cost more than shorter contracts.
  • Coverage level: A comprehensive coverage tier is often more costly than a basic option.

Your deductible will factor into your overall monthly Allstate vehicle service payment. However, Allstate only offers a $50 deductible, so you won’t have much flexibility.

How to Get a Quote and File a Claim

You can use the provider’s online quote tool to get a quote for an Allstate vehicle service contract. You’ll need to input your vehicle identification number (VIN), state, and current mileage on your odometer.

To file a claim with Allstate, you can call a service representative who can direct you to a nearby repair center. When you arrive at the authorized facility, you must provide the first page of your Allstate vehicle service contract and ask the repair shop to contact Allstate. All covered repairs will be handled by Allstate directly. Allstate has bilingual representatives who can assist customers during the claims process.

Allstate Vehicle Service Contract Reviews

Customer reviews can give you a better idea of a provider, for better or worse. Because Allstate is predominantly an insurance provider, it can be difficult to find Allstate vehicle service contract reviews.

From what we could gather about Allstate warranties, some customers report unsatisfactory customer service experiences and believe their vehicle protection plans aren’t worth the hassle. Others have been loyal Allstate customers for years and have nothing wrong to say about the company.

While customer reviews can give you an idea of a provider, it’s best not to use them as the final word on a company. Often, customers inclined to review a company are those with overwhelmingly negative experiences.

Conclusion: Is an Allstate Vehicle Service Contract Worth It?

Our review team considers the Allstate vehicle service contract an average extended warranty option. For drivers who already have Allstate insurance and are satisfied with their services, it can’t hurt to reach out to Allstate for a quote.

However, Allstate contracts are administered by third-party companies. If you’ve decided to go the third-party route, you’ll likely be able to find more coverage options, better benefits, and more substantial customer reviews with one of the industry’s most reputable extended car warranty companies.

Our Picks for Best Extended Car Warranties

When purchasing an extended warranty, getting multiple quotes is always a good idea. That way, you can compare Allstate vehicle service contracts with other options and decide which will be best for your protection needs and budget.

We recommend drivers check out Endurance and CARCHEX, two leading providers that scored highest in our industry-wide review.


Endurance performs well across the board. We gave it a 9.0 rating or higher in every review category, including industry standing, coverage options, and affordability. Here are a few reasons we recommend getting a quote from Endurance:

  • You have six coverage options, extending to 8 years or 200,000+ miles.
  • You have access to thousands of authorized repair facilities nationwide.
  • The provider offers sample contracts online for added transparency.

For more information, read our Endurance warranty review.


CARCHEX is another of our go-to providers, especially for drivers with high-mileage vehicles needing reliable coverage. Here are a few highlights of this provider:

  • You have five coverage options, which can extend up to 10 years or 250,000 miles.
  • CARCHEX offers an extended warranty for cars over 100,000 miles.
  • The provider boasts an A+ rating from the BBB.
  • CARCHEX sample contracts are available online.

To find out more details on this provider, read our CARCHEX review.

How We Rate Warranty Providers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of extended auto warranty providers. While there are multiple qualities that make a warranty company successful, our review team focuses on those we believe are the most important for consumers:

  • Cost: Cost can be difficult to compare between providers because so many factors impact vehicle service contract pricing. To determine our cost score, we perform a secret shopper analysis for a variety of vehicles and plans and consider available deductibles.
  • Coverage: Our team of experts looks at the number of extended warranty plans available, as well as term limits, exclusions, and added benefits like roadside assistance. Ratings also take into account the availability of maintenance coverage.
  • Reputation: It’s important that an extended car warranty company is able to meet its claims obligations. Companies with a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) score well in this category. Established providers with a long history of reliable service also receive positive marks.
  • Customer Experience: We listen to real customer sales calls and comb through reviews on sites like the BBB to learn about customer experiences. Warranty companies with a low volume of complaints score well in this area. We also consider the availability of mobile apps and chat features.