Adventures In Punditry: Hold Your Laughter, Jalopnik On CNBC

Yes, we know GM CEO Rick Wagoner was on CNBC last night — and we'll have some clips from that shortly. But since Rick's not well known for being the most energetic speaker, we wanted to give a hand to our own Associate Editor in the Motor City for his significantly more animated appearance on CNBC a little bit after the Wagoner interview. Our own Motown suburbanite was asked by CNBC to come on the air and discuss the pending convo between Rick and Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn as well as provide a bit of commentary on the earlier interview alongside Matt DeLorenzo of Road & Track magazine. Lucky for Wert, the first copy of the tape we've received doesn't include the randomly furtive monitor-seeking glances to the left you can see in the full version. But fear not. If all goes well, we'll have that one up this afternoon — along with a picture gallery of Ray's thoughts for your commenting amusement.

We Know Step Two? Jalopnik Probably On CNBC Tonight [internal]

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