Although we've yet to try the new Lexus out, ToMoCo's luxe brand's been getting a lot of buzz in TV's pundit-land, as well as among the great unwashed masses β€” but despite the glowing marketing, we've heard that the system is by no means perfect. Although, as the above commercial shows, the Lexus LS460 does seem to "park the car for you," please note the addition of the word "virtually" before the word "park." We've been told it all depends on the size of the spot you're trying to get into β€” if it's twice the size of your car, it'll park you 90-100% of the way in β€” but if it's only a little bigger than your car (as most parallel parking spots tend to be), it only gets you 60-70% of the way in to the spot. Still, it's a neat little trick for a $65K+ car. Now, if only they could make the car look less like Breyer's vanilla ice cream, we'd be even more impressed.

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