Ad Watch: Tetrisized! German Honda Jazz Ad Jams To Nintendo Game

We still remember getting that Game Boy when we were just a wee lad. We still remember those 8-bit graphics, the green and darker green colors and the non-background lit screen. When we first lay our hands upon that brick of a portable game system, we knew we were in love. That's because it represented freedom from the only place we had been allowed to play video games, the cramped confines of our basement. But also, because it had Tetris, and we instantly fell in love with the addiction of moving those little brick-blocks into 4-line Tetris combos — just to beat our linked-up block buddies. It looks like even German kids must have felt the same way about it — because Honda's aiming the newest advert for the Euro hot hatch directly at the Game Boy nostalgia with this ad, demonstrating the merits of efficient use of space.

Germany! Honda! Tetris! [Kotaku]


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