Ad Watch: Leaked Opel Manta Spot: Sportlich!

Sent to us by an operative embedded deep in the R sselsheim offices of Schloss, Schnitzel, Aluminum und Schteel — Opel's Werbungsb ro of record — the piece follows the joy of a young man named Egon, der einen neuen Wagen hast. Said automobile? None other than the 1970 Opel Manta, which we just showed you for the first time less than an hour ago. Truly, this is a great day for Jalopnik, and no doubt, portends a great future for European motoring. Remember, you saw it here first.


Jalopnik Breaks the Opel Manta Embargo! [Internal]

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God. Why do German people not understand that their language only sounds awesome when its being shouted very loudly?

The Manta looks delicious, though Blonde chick seems a bit off. Why am I critiquing this freaking ancient advertisement? I have no idea.