Ad Watch: GM's Still Not Sold On FM — Then Again, Now Again

We were able to snag a copy of the new GM ad before it airs tonight on Survivor, and its a veritable orgy of self-love of the past. And we all know how excited GM gets when it talks about the past — they seem to drop trou at the mention of sock hops, AM radio and tailfins — but umm, does that mean the target audience for the second of two Everclear soundtrack-ed ads is the senior citizen demo? Because an ad reminiscing about the 50's and 60's aint gonna sell many cars to the kiddies. Those of us in the 18-35 age bracket barely remember "Born on the Fourth of July" — much less the actual Fourth of July, 1969. Well, at least this McCann Erickson ad tries to keep the kids happy by featuring the likes of Tiger Woods, Carmen Electra and Jeremy Piven to counter Marilyn Monroe and Frank Gorshin. Yeah, cause when we think Carmen Electra — we totally think of Marilyn Monroe.


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