Ad Watch: GM Listens To The "AM Radio"

It's true this ad's been out for a while, but we finally figured out how to use our Tivo thing and so we YouTubed-it-up for your viewing pleasure. The spot, composed from existing GM spots dating back to the early '60s, juxtaposes the old with the new to show how America and GM have changed over the years. Beauty shots of the dashboard of a 1960s vintage Cadillac are contrasted with their modern day counterparts to show how radio has evolved from AM to XM Satellite. The spot is cut to Everclear's AM Radio and crisp graphics are used to drive home the point. The concluding graphic notes, "The hits just keep on coming." Some of us actually liked this ad, with only one dissenting primarily due to musical taste. Step #1 is to let us know if you like it. Step #2, for extra credit, is to let us know why or why not. Best Response'll receive a free copy of Everclear's AM Radio from Apple's iTunes.

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