We managed to liberate the following new commercial from the leaky sieve Death Star fortress that is the marketing side of the General. The spot's for Cadillac and features Ed "Jay Leno Is My BFF" Welburn, chief o' design for General Motors. Although Ed's usually the important guy in the room as he helps manage the design all the new product coming out of the RenCen...err...the design studios. But Ed's not the important thing in this ad for the luxe brand from GM by the Boston-based Modernista!. Actually, the important thing for those of lovers of the car-love is it's the first time we get a gander at the new-for-2008 Cadillac CTS in a piece made for public. So take a look above and tell us what you think below. We'd also like to remind you that yes, many Bothans marketers died to bring you this video.

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