Ad Watch: Chinese Zombie Women Love Peugeot Convertibles

Illustration for article titled Ad Watch: Chinese Zombie Women Love Peugeot Convertibles

What It's Selling: Peugeot 207 CC Where It's At: China What This Ad Intends To Say: If you are a young Chinese person you will be attracted to the French convertible. What This Ad Suggests: Hip zombies love to eat the brains of cool people driving 207 convertibles. Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Traditional Chinese automobile advertising has historically mimicked early American car advertising in that it played up the utility and relative value of a vehicle as opposed to its sex appeal. Recently we've seen this kind of targeted and clever advertising popping up in Chinese print media (see this smart truck ad). The target here is clearly younger, stylish professionals and the message is that this car is a sexy accessory. While this isn't the greatest or most shocking ad in history, it is a smart campaign for the market that asks consumers to view cars differently, which is really the only way to sell a car that lacks serious utility. It is worth noting that no Chinese company we can think of offers a Chinese-designed convertible for this reason, though both Ghangzhou and BYD are working on similar models.

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Ash78, voting early and often

This looks like a movie poster for "28 Days Later III: She Turns Into a B*tch"

"Run! They're both needy and mad at the same time!"

/can we x-post this to jezebel