Acura Goes A-Le Mans-ing: New LMPs to Feature Honda-Built Plants

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Yes! We love Honda engines. Love 'em. Our favorite mill in any car we've ever owned was the 2.7L V6 in our dear, departed Legend. And while Toyota's continuing on its quest to be All-American with its NASCAR effort and running a couple of Lexi in ALMS, Honda's taking on something more Jalopnik-speed with Acura-powered Lola and Courage LMPs, run by Andretti Green, Highcroft and Fernandez. With open-wheel racing in disarray, Formula 1 not particularly popular here, and NASCAR a somewhat impenetrable juggernaut, we're glad that more manufacturers are pouring their dollars into sports car racing. We hope it remains a smart move, both for the sake of the fans and the companies involved. We'll be pissed if you screw this up, Panoz. [Thanks to Ryan for the tip.]

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