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If you see a speed trap, a helpful, friendly gesture is to flash your lights at oncoming motorists to say "hey, there's a cop up the road, consider slowing your role, compadre." Well, officers in one Missouri town ticket drivers that do this. Seems they don't like camaraderie And that makes the ACLU all mad and litigious.


The police in Ellisville, MO ticketed a man for flashing his high beams in order to warn his fellow motorists of a speed trap. A gesture that I believe is nearly worthy of knighthood.

Instead, he was ticketed.

The American Civil Liberties Union didn't like this. In fact, they see it as a violation of the man's first amendment rights to free speech. The ACLU is also encouraging anyone that has gotten a ticket for flashing their high beams to speak up, presumably so they can file more lawsuits.


Ellisville has dropped the charges against the driver, but the ACLU is still going through with the lawsuit. Nobody for Ellisville was allowed to comment by order of the mayor. Wonder if the ACLU will sue for that obstruction of free speech as well?

(Hat Tip to Joe!)

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