A few months back we told you about the Abt AS5 which is a tweaked version of Audi's 3.0-liter TDI A5. Well guess what? They went even harder. Horsepower, originally up from 240 to 272 hp, is now an even 300 ponies. But the real news is the torque. Are you sitting down? Yeah? OK: 442 ft-lbs. of the stuff. From a 3.0-liter engine!! Wasn't it not long ago that heavy duty one-ton pickups stonked way, way less twist? All that torque shows up at 2,400 rpm, 60 mph happens in 5.3 seconds on the car's way to a 164 mph top speed. It always bears repeating: Americans buy horsepower but drive torque. Can we get some decent diesels over here, or what? [via Motor Authority]


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