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Even though gas prices are still far from being cheap, they have been getting lower across the country.


That's why it was such a shock when a woman was charged $58,278.35 for gas over the weekend at a Tennessee Mapco station.

Yes, you read that right, it's a gas bill fit for a few days in a Ford GT.

Redditor ohsnapitspat said that his girlfriend was charged the sum this past Saturday after filling up her tank.


Allegedly, the manager of the local branch barely even acknowledged the error and said to take it up with the bank on Monday. However, Mapco's corporate office and Suntrust Bank worked together, refunded the money, and Mapco even gave her a $100 gift card for her troubles.

While the initial charge was steep, she may have actually ended up making some money off of the error. But it probably wasn't much.

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