The Ten Cars We'd Go To Prison For

You can face jail time for illegally importing a car not sold in the US under 25 years old. These ten cars are so good, we'd run the risk anyway.

10.) Audi RS2 Avant


Audi is known for teasing us with forbidden fruit wagons we don't get in the US, but the RS2 Avant is the ultimate. Built by Porsche, this is the car that set the template for all RS Audis to come.

Suggested By: The Stig's Jewish Cousin, Photo Credit: Audi

9.) Land Rover Defender

Except for the few sold stateside in the mid-90s, the man doesn't want you to enjoy the ultimate tackle-anything Land Rover. The prison risk is mitigated (somewhat) because you could venture very far off road to avoid getting caught.

Suggested By: Bonhomme7hr, Photo Credit: Land Rover

8.) Suzuki Cappuccino


How could anyone say no to this adorable little Suzuki? We need Kei roadsters in America. Just think of the children!

This war on cute the government is waging (and that I totally didn't just make up) must end.


Suggested By: The Devil Drives A Rotary, Photo Credit: Suzuki

7.) Porsche 993 GT2 Clubsport


This car is really the ultimate air cooled 911: just 20 were built, it had a twin-turbo 3.6 L flat six making 430 hp, and all that power was sent just to the rear wheels.

Also, fender flares. Delicious, obscene fender flares.

Suggested By: RSinTO, Photo Credit: Porsche

6.) TVR Cerbera


The TVR Cerbera is sort of like the British Viper. Raw, lightweight, extremely powerful yet somehow elegant. NHTSA points out that it's ineligible for importation under the Show and Display law, which is a damn shame.

Suggested By: smalleyxb122, Photo Credit: TVR

5.) Renault Avantime


There's a lot of French cars I'd love to own, but the one I'd risk prison for is the legendary Avantime. This weird, gorgeous pillarless coupe minivan thing just presses all the right buttons for some reason.

Suggested By: zacarious, Photo Credit: Renault

4.) Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo 400R


For many, the Skyline GT-R is the ultimate forbidden fruit, so if you're going to risk your freedom for one, you might as well do it for the best of the breed.

The Nismo 400R (pictured on the left) was the best of the beloved R33 generation GT-R. It produced 400 hp, and just 44 were made before R33 production ended.


Suggested By: PeachFingers, Photo Credit: Nissan

3.) Holden Ute


There are few stronger cases for moving to Australia than the legendary Ute. It's the modern, LS engined El Camino you need so badly. America gets the sedan version of this in the form of the SS, so why can't we get the Ute?

A travesty, if you ask me.

Suggested By: ryguy85, Photo Credit: Holden

2.) Pagani Zonda


It's great that Pagani was able to legally bring the Huyara here, but the sound of that naturally aspirated V12 in the Zonda would be worth the risk. Just listen and try to disagree.

Suggested By: Milky, Photo Credit: Pagani

1.) Toyota GT-One Road Car


The Toyota's GT1 competitors 911 GT1 and CLK GTR can be legally enjoyed in America, but not the GT-One road car. That's probably because no one's ever tried because there are only two of them, and Toyota owns one.

But I'm being pedantic here, because who wouldn't go to jail for this street legal Le Mans racer?


Suggested By: Andrew80, Photo Credit: Toyota

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Top Photo Credit: NISMO

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