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A Visual Reminder That Rally Drivers Are Completely Bonkers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Everyone in the Canadian rally scene is familiar with Crazy Leo and his, uh, enthusiastic driving style. To wit: he and his codriver Alex Kihurani went careening into a snowbank at around 85 miles per hour, blew out a window, filled the car with snow and continuing on through the rest of the stage.

Watch the full video and you’ll get two strong impressions.

The first is that Crazy Leo very much lives up to his name

The second is that I can’t help but feel like Kihurani in the right seat is even crazier. Freezing wind cutting into the car, covered in snow, no gloves. His whole job is to flip pages in the pacenotes and let Leo know where he’s going, how not to crash, something he has already done on this stage already.


If it were me, I’d have hopped out of the car and told him to go the rest of the run alone. But that’s why Kihurani is one of the best codrivers in the business.