When he’s not intimidating passersby in a black Benz, cruising in an Avantime, driving an M5 to death or lapping a circuit with an NSX, our friend Nino Karotta is building Aardvark, the mother of all protean project cars. Aardvark was allegedly a Datsun 260Z when Nino acquired it about a dozen years ago and it has went through slightly more iterations than Nissan’s entire line of Z-cars.


He is currently turning it into a front-mid engined track car powered by a V6 from a Nissan 350Z and made of various Nissan, BMW and custom-built parts. To spare you all the bother of reading subtitles, he’s shot an English-language video of the project as it currently stands, presented here for your geeky pleasure.


If pickup points, rear subframes and custom floors with extra bracing make you all woozy inside, you can follow Nino’s project on Driftworks, where he’s written several posts in English about it.

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