A Video Billboard On A Busy Jakarta Street Was Playing Hardcore Porn Today

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It’s already Friday night in Jakarta, Indonesia, which means they’ve already had a very exciting Friday afternoon. I can say that it’s been an interesting end-of-week for them because of all these Tweets showing hardcore porn playing on a billboard on a busy South Jakarta street. Even better, this was right by the mayor’s office. Oops.


Here’s some videos people took of the public-pornery. You can’t see too much here, but if you’re at work or something, be aware that there’s at least some images of exposed penile skin. So, you know, you’re warned:

Yep, that’s hardcore porn all right. You can tell by all the focus on those genitals, and all the interactions with them. That’s a big clue.

The video played for a few minutes before power was cut to the LED screen-billboard at 2:45 pm. By then, though, it was too late, with thousands of motorists and pedestrians unwillingly titillated.

The 258 square-foot jumbotron screen is located near the South Jakarta mayor’s office on Jl. Iskandarsyah. The Mayor has not made a statement regarding the big-screen porn, and I’m not sure I’d expect one.

Reading the comments on some of the Tweets, it’s fascinating to note that a number of commenters have been able to identify the porno from just the few minutes they were exposed to it, with the consensus being it’s from a movie called Tokyo Hot Number 1185. I guess I’m impressed?

When I was a kid, we just had to find old tattered copies of Swank and Juggs out in the woods, usually by a discarded mattress. Kids today, they get free porn broadcast to them on gigantic screens in Jakarta.


What a glorious world we live in.

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That happened in America too? I always though the woodland porn fairy was a peculiarly British institution.