A Very Special Mad Men Teaches The Importance Of Stick Shift Driving

The season finale of Mad Men was as arresting and dramatic as we'd all hope: there was a scene with a '69 Camaro Z28 and the importance of driving stick, and a bunch of other stuff that was kind of a blur. Minor spoiler alert.


The real take-away from the episode was the overwhelming importance of knowing how to drive a "standard" transmission. Without that valuable, increasingly arcane knowledge, you can humiliate yourself, knock over signage, and, worst of all, miss out on a rare opportunity to drive indoors.


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Back in the day, most people learned to drive on a stickshift. I almost find it hard to believe that someone was unable to drive stick in '69. Most driver's ed cars were stick because not only were they more common, but the thought was "if you know how to drive stick, you can drive auto"