'A Vehicle Segment That Could Be Even Hotter Than Sport Utility'

John Davis stepped out of his comfort zone a bit in this 1996 installment of MotorWeek, presenting a set of vehicles powered by what he describes as "variable displacement, sweat-cooled, two-cylinder engine".

That's right, it's the MotorWeek Mountain Bike edition. Why do you care? Well, these aren't just any mountain bikes. Oh no, they're any mountain bikes re-branded by and sold as products of well-known car companies.


Did you ever think you'd hear John Davis "The Jetta is the only model in our group lacking a suspension" and mean it quite literally?

This clip features that and few few other classic Davis zingers, plus some great bike-mounted camera shots from the days before everybody went down the bunny slope with a GoPro strapped to themselves.

My pick of the lot goes to the BMW, solely for the paint job, but you've gotta love the branded carrying case the Mercedes-Bike comes shipped in at 2:20.

I wonder how many of these bikes are still owned by the people who bought them as options with their cars.

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