A Truck Plowing A Snowman Into Oblivion Is The Most Satisfying Blizzard Video

There’s something cathartic about watching snowmen get run over when you’re over the idea of winter. Given the total chaos caused by this weekend’s blizzard, I think we’re ready. This snow plow truck demonstrated its wrath for Mother Nature by annihilating this snowman into tiny bits, and it’s so satisfying.


Screw you, snowman. Eat plow! Stick to nice, hoonable amounts next time or we’ll run over your face.


The snowman was made by nearby residents as an incentive for the county’s snow plow to clear their road. The rest (and that snowman) is history.

[H/T RBH on Trackjunkies]

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In college we lived in an area that had lake effect snow every year, so getting several feet was not uncommon. What we did find out though, is that if you tip the plow truck driver $5 for our apartment complex, he’ll plow your friends car in with snow 3 feet high without hesitation. Still the best $5 I’ve ever spent.