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The driver of a meat truck fell asleep at the wheel on I-95 in Florida this morning, crashing into the back of an onion truck while he was driving approximately 80 mph. Meat and onions spilled everywhere, but thankfully, no one was killed.


All you'd need for a really huge freeway block party would be a dump truck full of potatoes and a tanker or two of cheap beer.

Spilled fuel and transmission fluid doused any unrealistic hopes anyone may have ever harbored about having a massive freeway picnic, and authorities closed the road for a few hours while cleanup crews took care of the mess.


The onion truck's driver and passenger were not injured, but the meat truck driver was airlifted to the hospital, where he is said to be in stable condition. He does, however, face charges related to his role in causing the wreck, officials told WESH Orlando.

We wouldn't be surprised if people nearby thought a new restaurant had opened when they smelled all the meat and onions baking beneath Florida's summer sunshine. If only this happened near the Buttermilk Pike Crash. (Hat tip to pir8matt!)

Photo credit: WESH Orlando

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