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A Tire, a Fire, the Arctic: Hot

Our buddy Greg sent in this clip (sorry G., forgot to mention Mel Gibson in the podcast), which describes in excruciating detail how to rim an all-terrain tire in the Arctic. Actually, you've already gone ahead and watched the clip, so you know how completely not excruciating it is. In fact, it's cooler than hell and takes less than two seconds. Just don't try it on the New Jersey Turnpike.


Unbreakable? The Terrorist Truck Vs. The Steel Pole

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But what if you're out of hair spray?

I can just see the obituary:

Melvin Armstrong was returning from his succesful arctic expedition in his CAT, along with his fellow adventuror and companion Christina Blasjowski. Tragically, Christina's heretofore harmless taste for '80s 'dos resulted in Melvin's inability to re-tire the CAT after puncturing a tire running over one too many arctic seals. Both Melvin and Christina died of exposure. The seal is in intensive care.