A Succinct Summary Of Motorsport By Top Gear's Chris Harris

Chris Harris racing for Bentley. Photo: Bentley
Chris Harris racing for Bentley. Photo: Bentley

New BBC’s Top Gear co-host and Jalopnik alum Chris Harris was racing the number 30 Bentley GT3 car in the Blancpain GT Endurance Series at Monza this weekend when things didn’t go according to plan. Here is, as Harris describes it on Twitter, a humorous “succinct summary of Motorsport.”

Here are those four tweets chronologically:


According to Harris’ pre-race write-up over on TopGear.com, the number 30 car he was racing qualified P2 in the Am class and P29 overall. Unfortunately the car didn’t finish the race, but apparently Harris will be back in the Bentley to race at Silverstone the weekend of May 14th.


Better luck next time, Chris.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Lets Just Drive

Just tryin’a catch this before it becomes a thing; can we not call him “Top Gears” Chris Harris?

He was Chris Harris at Jalopnik for ages. If you’re a Jalop and need the tag “Top Gear” attached to Chris Harris’ name just so make the connection, you’re just not a very good person and we won’t indulge you.