We've been sort of enamored with the cars of Uruguay recently, and I think a large part of that has to be that their famously humble president drives a very nice 1987 VW Beetle. And it looks like I'm not the only admirer, since President Mujica was offered a million dollars for the car this past week.

The offer came at the G77+China summit, which is being held in Bolivia, where an unnamed Arab Sheik approached President Jose Mujica and offered him $1,000,000 for his famous Beetle. President Mujica has been driving humble Fuscas (Brazilian-built Beetles) for years, as it fits his "world's poorest president" image, though Mujica himself doesn't feel poor at all. He gives 90% of his salary to charities, and lives in a way that frees him from materialistic wants — though I think he is quite fond of his Beetle.


There was allegedly another offer for his Beetle last year from the Mexican Ambassador, but it's not thought to be as generous as this recent one. According to El Pais, Mujica is considering the offer:

"I was a little surprised all I at first hesitated and did not give it much importance. But then I got another proposal and I took a little more seriously. In any case, if realized, all the money will go to the Together Plan or whatever to favor Urugua ... we also evaluated donate money to the Technological University (UTEC)."

So of course, if he decides to sell his famous Fusca, he's donating all the money to universities and charity groups. Because, apparently, this guy is made out of some magical Uruguayan concentrated goodness or something.


The '87 Fusca appears to be in really good shape — he is the President, after all. From what I can see in photos and videos, it appears to have the strange "modernized" dashboard with the rounded-square instruments. Mujica does have another darker blue Beetle as well, so even if he sells this one, I suspect he'll just go back to driving the other one.

Or, really, I don't think anyone would fault him for keeping, say, $8,000 and getting himself a really nice vintage Beetle. Hell, I think he should keep $10,000 and get a nicely restored convertible. Maybe even something like a nice restored presidential-black '67 convertible. This guy's earned it!


This also may very well be the most expensive Beetle ever sold if it goes for $1,000,000 American dollars. And, really, I couldn't think of a nicer guy it could go to.

(Thanks, Autoblog Uruguay!)