A Russian Girl Covered Her Mercedes In One Million Swarovski Crystals

Daria Radionova felt that her CLS 350 with its "BAII BYY" plates wasn't unique enough to stand out from the London crowd, so she spent another $33,000 on wrapping it with Swarovski crystals. What a classy lady indeed!

Miss Radionova, 21, keeps a bag full of spare crystals in the car just in case a few of them falls off on a bumpy road. It took a team of Russian professionals two month working twelve hours a day to finish the upgrade, but Darina says all the cash will go to charity when she sells the car.


I guess a million Swarovski crystals is one way to boost a 2011 CLS's resell value.

The Russian business student is also worried that somebody is going to crash while taking a picture of her sparkling Benz. With a bent iPhone 6 Plus...

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