Daria Radionova felt that her CLS 350 with its "BAII BYY" plates wasn't unique enough to stand out from the London crowd, so she spent another $33,000 on wrapping it with Swarovski crystals. What a classy lady indeed!

Miss Radionova, 21, keeps a bag full of spare crystals in the car just in case a few of them falls off on a bumpy road. It took a team of Russian professionals two month working twelve hours a day to finish the upgrade, but Darina says all the cash will go to charity when she sells the car.

I guess a million Swarovski crystals is one way to boost a 2011 CLS's resell value.

The Russian business student is also worried that somebody is going to crash while taking a picture of her sparkling Benz. With a bent iPhone 6 Plus...