A woman in Michigan is suing a car dealership for taking advantage of her bipolar disorder by leasing her a $32,000 Mazda CX-9 when she went in for an oil change(confirming that old adage that only the clinically depressed lease cars). According to the woman, a side effect of her disorder is "impulsivity and difficulty in decision-making," which makes us feel better about her driving the biggest Mazda you can buy. It almost seemed like things were going to work out as the dealership said they'd take the car back if they got a doctor's letter detailing the woman's condition... but then the dealership delivered the car anyway and left the keys in the mailbox. If the suit is successful look to see this excuse used frequently, especially by anyone who purchased a Pontiac Torrent

Bipolar Michigan Woman Sues Dealer for taking Advantage of Mental Illness To Sell Her Car [FOX NEWS]

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