A New Electric Supercar: The Wrightspeed EV

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If you still thought electric cars were only good for carrying pissed-drunk men wielding metal clubs, the Wrightspeed EV — shown in a video sent by one Jalopnik reader — will likely change your outlook in a hurry. Using an already quick-and-ready (and street legal) Ariel Atom open-wheel roadster as a donor car, creator Ian Wright stuffed in a high-tech electric motor from AC Propulsion (tZero, Tango), wired it up, and devised a faster-than-hell EV that can do zero-to-60 in a neckbone-threatening three seconds. Check out this video of a test drive — if you can get past the cyclonic wind noise. Insane. [Thanks to Eric for the tip.]

Wrightspeed ride along [via Revver]

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