If there's one thing federal taxpayers love, it's the misappropriation of their funds. That's why nothing should warm the hearts of federal taxpayers nationwide than hearing that federal transportation grants are funding $1 million bus stops in Arlington, VA.

The so-called "luxury bus stop," the first of 23 planned "super stops," used approximately $800,000 in federal transportation grants in order to be completed. It's made of stainless steel and has heated pavement. That's right, heated pavement.

The idea is to make people comfortable while they wait for the bus, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But with tight budgets and high unemployment, such a high dollar spend on a totally unneeded luxury was sure to spark outrage. Also, there are probably more pressing matters where those funds could be appropriated.

For reference, a normal bus shelter costs around $10,000. Arlington and Metro are "studying" why this one cost so much, which is what organizations say when they suddenly face public blowback that they weren't totally expecting.

(Hat Tip to Ilya!)