Amateur car videos on YouTube rarely sweat the finer points: cinematography, dramatic development, narrative arc. Homemade clips, especially those with Camaros, too often go straight for cheap bad-ass-wannabe 'tude and general delinquency. This one is — thankfully — much different.

The Norcal members of Camaro5 took the high road with this lovingly produced seven-and-a-half-minute homage to their Chevrolets. The pacing can be Tarkovsky-slow at times, probably because the video had to be edited to the pre-existing music instead of the other way around, but the visuals — of both current-generation cars and choice examples of previous models — are never less than beautiful. It's a terrific piece of automotive film, and a very welcome move away from crude stereotypes for a car that deserves a better reputation.

(Hat tip to 2010-Camaro!)