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A Land Rover Defender Will Cross The Atlantic Ocean For You

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If you wish to reach the very edge of a continent, all you need is a 20-year-old Land Rover Defender 90 with 216,000 miles on the clock, and a fresh pair of underpants.


A well-used Defender’s 2.5 TDI doesn’t have anything tricks up its sleeve apart from whatever is left of its original output of 111 horsepower and a 195 pound feet of torque. But lock those differentials, engage the low gears, give her a snorkel and she will push the Atlantic Ocean right where it belongs.

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The island of Valley might not be the most western point of Europe, but it’s pretty close the the UK’s, and seems to be the perfect location to say farewell to the most iconic off-roader of them all, the Series Land Rover.

Will we be able to do the same with its successor?

Only time will tell, but if not, we’ll just have to keep these operational forever. Luckily, parts are plenty.

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Do you think that’s right? I know there’s lots of content repurposed around Gawker but at least some of the outlets, like Jalop especially, put out ORIGINAL stuff on the regular. SPLOID, they/he just posts stuff he find surfing YouTube, gets a GIF created from those videos (other people’s videos) then watermarks it with “SPLOID”.

Why is he still allowed to do this?