If I had to list cars whose owners are most likely to cheat on their partners, I’d probably put a modified Range Rover right up at the top. Check out this one in London with “Hope She Was Worth It” now spray painted over its expensive white hood and I believe I’ve made my case.

This vandalized SUV isn’t just your standard Range Rover, this thing’s been modified by British tuner Revere, meaning it’s probably a $200,000 truck. Just look at those badges and those bigger letters on the hood spelling out “R E V E R E,” so that you, a measly little plebeian, don’t forget that the driver in that white SUV is better than you in every way.

Every way, except maybe in the “relationship maintaining” department, because the owner of the obnoxious Range Rover apparently did the dirty deed with someone other than his (or her) partner.

Well, that’s what I’ve surmised based on the red spray-painted words on the side of the luxury off-roader reading “Cheater,” “It’s Over” and “I hope she was worth it.”

Hopefully the graffiti artist used a washable paint. Otherwise, she might be in for a steep repair bill.