A Helicopter Lets A Corvette ZR1 Win On Top Gear Korea By Spectacularly Crashing

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Those Top Gear challenges where a car is shot with lasers from a plane or helicopter are almost always won by the flying aparatus. Top Gear's counterparts in Korea just beat a helicopter with a Corvette ZR1. And that's because the helicopter crashed. Whoops.

The challenge will be familiar to any fan of Top Gear. A Corvette ZR1 runs up and down a runway under hot pursuit from a Cobra helicopter. After a couple of runs, the helicopter goes for one of those high banked turns you see all the time.


It doesn't go well.

The 'copter hits blades into the ground and sends the unwashed masses (or possibly washed masses, I'm not able to tell from this distance) running all around. Thankfully, nobody was injured.


And what's even more interesting is that the crash means that the helicopter can't possibly win the challenge. Now that's quite the bombshell.

Update: Commenter RaceShotsResource knows the pilot, here's some insider perspective:

I love all these comments about Pilot Error... just goes to show a bunch of idiots making assumptions without the first one asking what really happened or anyone posting the truth.  

So here it is... The Pilot who is a dear friend of mine and has a Masters in Aeronautics is no dummy who makes mistakes.  He flies for the new TV show "The Following" starring Kevin Bacon.  The accident was caused by a faulty flight control part known as a servo.  This part controls the pitch mechanism of the rotor's control which is why the helicopter made the turn it did.  


(Hat Tip to Dalton!)