A Ford Raptor Is Less Fun In Gridlock

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

I'm wedged in the back seat of a Raptor SuperCab with Zac and a stack of suitcases as fearless leader Hardigree battles Detroit traffic.


Raphael's relaxing in heated-seat comfort up front; I don't think he can even feel my pointy knees jabbing into the back of the truck's over-bolstered front seat.

We didn't get a chance to run the Raptor as hard as I would have liked, but I can now submit that it'll climb salty snowbanks like you wouldn't believe and is damn tough to fit in a parking garage.

Anyway, enjoy watching one of my favorite modified dinosaurs roar on /TUNED while you laugh at my pain.


So...For ~20k (on top of original vehicle price), you get a Raptor that really isn't a raptor! But you do get a few more HP and a few more MPG.

Honestly, I'm not seeing the logic behind this. If you were worried about MPG's, you wouldn't have bought a truck in the first place.