A Feeble Novelty, Best Avoided: Lotus Europa!

Don't buy a vintage Europa. Just don't. You'll screw up our fantasy of a Winnebago Brave converted into a diagonal-backed car carrier with a de-Lucased Europa on its back and a Manta on the trailer behind it. Said fantasy is all we've got. Please, please don't fuck it up. Thanks.


Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing: The Lotus Europ [Internal]

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In 1985 I had $5000 in the bank and there was a funny little red car with a For Sale sign in the window. I looked at it carefully. The sign said, $1500 OBO, AS IS. Looking inside, the passenger seat was absolutely full of wires. More wires hung down under the rear. Up front was that Wankel shaped badge that read Lotus, in the rear it said Europa. I wanted it bad. I had figured out Opel wiring, how bad could this be?

Mum said no. I still am not sure whether to thank her or kill her in her sleep.