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This 1969 Ford F-100 looks built, but reserved. Especially for a corporate-sponsored custom car. Until you open the hood and peel back the completely re-engineered independent suspension. Or of course, hear it start. You really need to hear it start.


The truck was put together by Tommy Pike, who seems to run a pretty classy automotive specialty shop in South Carolina. It's a rolling advertisement for his workmanship, and apparently Quaker State who would have provided some funding for the project in exchange for that sticker placement and color choice.

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Pike claims 800 horsepower out of the engine, running more than 20 pounds of boost on a 1.9 liter Eaton supercharger. Four-wheel independent suspension helps keeps the truck from wobbling off the road as soon as you hit the gas.

Gotta love a frankentruck with both Ford and GM guts in it.

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