Wanna know what happens when you shoot up a Pontiac with a humongous .50-cal machine gun? Hint: it explodes. A lot. And it looks incredible when you slow it right down.

I'm not entirely sure the explosion is due wholly to the car being struck by enormous bullets, since I haven't seen many cars explode like that when hit with a round, but I'm neither a firearms nor an explosives expert, so there's that. But I suppose it doesn't matter, as it still looks awesome, and if you really want to debate the intricacies of such things because you are a firearms and/or explosives expert, the comments are wonderful for that sort of thing.


If you want to see more shoot-y explode-y madness, for some reason, you can watch the full video below. The exploding car bit comes near the end. Because 2nd Amendment, or something.

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