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A Beautiful Couple Undertaking A Beautiful Rebuild Is Just Wonderful

Sometimes a pair is so perfectly matched they can't help but get married. That's what you see here in this incredibly endearing video when you combine two mechanical engineers, an upcoming wedding, and a need for a sweet, sweet ride.


The video gets off to a slow start, but after about 30 seconds in you get a beautiful time-lapse of the complete restoration, while the camera slowly rotates above the entire car. Sometimes people stop by to help out, but it's almost entirely down to the couple. It brings new meaning to the words "labor of love," and in this case they get a baby that makes a beautiful noise but drinks nothing but gasoline for their efforts. Is it too much of a stretch to add this Plymouth Duster to the list of great wedding cars?


It all just makes me say D'AWWWWWWWW.

Jon, the reader who sent this in, didn't have much more information about them besides their occupations and the reason for re-doing the car, but he did say they were his brother's girlfriend's cousin and her husband, so we'll update you if we find out more about them.

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Car love.. too true and too awesome... that's why we are here...