A 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Is A Comfy Greenhouse To Cross The Continent With

The Plymouth Barracuda was born just weeks before the Ford Mustang hit the stage to take it all, becoming a modest pony car with a rear window no other could match. And it remains fantastic to this day.


The late ‘60s were all about adding more and more engine into cars with no suspension or brakes. Plymouth did pretty much the same with the ‘Cuda later on, but back in 1966, you could still buy your Barracuda with barely any power despite a V8 and a simple auto box that did exactly what it said on the box. It was designed to be driven, not hard, but far.

The ‘66 fastback has a bigger glasshouse than what the Buick Riviera got five years later, and also comes with a performance indicator and a radio called Plymouth Transaudio. If you’re searching for a classic for crossing the continent with, look no further.

Regular Car Reviews fell in love with a nice blue example in Portland:

Mopar before it started shouting for no reason.

Photo credit: RCR


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