It is Criminal That This McLaren P1 GTR has Never Seen a Race Track and This is Your Opportunity to Fix That 

It hurts my heart to read that this custom ordered three-year-old McLaren P1 GTR hypercar has never set tire to race track, and has never been driven in anger. The odometer reads just 120 miles, and the listing at specifically states “never raced or tracked” which is a travesty. While the P1 GTR isn’t…

Breathe Easy, Mad About Organics Water Treatment Will Neutralize Your Good Boy's Bad Breath

It took me two years with Miller (above) to admit there could be anything less than perfect about him. Look at that face, he’s a stone cold stud and you know it. But pictures don’t capture bad breath, and while his wasn’t lethal, his love for street snacks and a newfound taste for sardine treats weren’t doing him any…

This Fun Fact Will Change the Way You Watch the Movie Airplane!

It’s no secret that the 1980 comedy movie Airplane! is a parody. But for some reason, I’ve spent my entire life believing that Airplane! was a broad parody of 1970s disaster movies. And while the movie clearly took inspiration from some of those films, it’s actually a very specific parody of a movie from 1957 called