The Pentagon is Scrambling to Get Out of Hurricane Florence’s Way

The U.S. Mid-Atlantic region is one of the most heavily armed places on Earth, home to aircraft carriers, nuclear missile submarines, F-22 Raptor fighters, and thousands of other pieces of military hardware. The region alone packs more military firepower than most countries. It’s also now staring down one of the most…

Old Predictions About Space Travel Can Be Super Depressing in 2018

You’re probably familiar with the old sayings, “where’s my flying car?” and “where’s my jetpack?” But the most depressing question for plenty of space nerds from the 20th century might be, “where’s my vacation on the moon?” And I just got really depressed reading a paper from 1987 about the space travel advances we…

More Than 88,000 People Signed a Petition to Keep Kimi Raikkonen on the Ferrari F1 Team

Before the Ferrari Formula One team unsurprisingly announced it would trade 38-year-old Kimi Raikkonen out for younger driver Charles Leclerc this week, someone started a petition to keep him around on—the “web’s leading platform for social change,” as it calls itself. A valiant effort.