The 1997 Bentley Continental T Was a $300,000 Heavyweight With Physics-Defying Torque and Grip

The philosophy behind big expensive cars with a lot of power used to be drastically different just a couple decades ago, where the most expensive new car on the road in 1997 was a twin-turbo Bentley that weighed as much as a house, and not some track-day toy that got you into special parties like the cars of today.

Tesla Posts $700 Million First-Quarter Loss as CEO Elon Musk Says It Will Offer Insurance

Analysts expected that Tesla would lose in the neighborhood of 69 cents per share in the first quarter, but Tesla’s real numbers, released today, were much, much worse than that. Tesla lost $2.90 a share, or $702.1 million in the quarter, according to CNBC, almost as much as they lost in the same quarter last year,…

Race Team Debuts Nissan GT-R Hillclimb Car With 1,600 HP, Wings Bigger Than the World Has Ever Known

They say the only things with bigger wings than this 1,600-horsepower Nissan GT-R race car exist solely in angelic texts. They say, even, that the wings on the GT-R could be bigger. The estimates vary. (“They, as in whom?” you might ask. No idea. Ask someone who uses that phrase as anything other than a joke.)

Google Maps Can Now Tell You If an EV Charging Station Is in Use

One of the biggest critiques about a widespread embrace of electric vehicles has been the lack of available charging stations—as well as the ease of knowing where the hell you can even find one when you’re on the go. Google has heard your complaints, and they’ve now added a real-time feature on Maps to keep you…

The 2020 Nissan 370Z Anniversary Edition Will Set You Back at Least $32,690

For some inexplicable reason, the Nissan 370Z still exists. Not that I’m complaining—it’s one of the last few sports cars that you can get nowadays with a naturally aspirated motor, rear-drive and a six-speed manual. No, what I’m taking issue with is how much a car from 2009 costs. Especially the special edition…