Lewis Hamilton Didn't Win His Fifth Championship This Weekend, But He Was On The Daily Show And That's Kind Of The Same Thing

In an extended nine-minute interview with The Daily Showā€™s Trevor Noah got to the basics of what makes Lewis Hamilton who he is. Lewis has a tradition of touring the American talk show scene during the week prior to the U.S. Grand Prix, including a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live two years ago, and Ellen last year. He is aā€¦

Amazon's Mowing Down the Prices on Several Electric Lawnmowers, Today Only

The end of mowing season means blowout deals on mowers. Four different electric models from four different brands are included in todayā€™s Amazon Gold Box, ranging from a corded edger with a wheeled mowing base for $60, up to 40V and even 82V full-sized cordless models thatā€™ll make you wonder why you ever used a gasā€¦

This One-Of-Two Consulier GTP Sport Was The Ugliest Way To Go Really Fast In The '90s

The absolute holy grail of Turbo Dodge performance, this Shelby-upgraded 2.2-liter turbo featherweight track car remains the best car to ever be built in Florida. Weighing just under 1900 pounds and flaunting over 225 horsepower thanks to a rare 16-valve Shelby cylinder head, a big T3 turbo, and a fifth fuel injector,ā€¦

This Coachbuilder Will Make Your Ferrari GTC4Lusso Look Like A New 412, And That's Totally Rad

Back in 1984, legendary U.K. motoring journalist L.J.K. Setright called the Ferrari 412ā€”and by extension its 365 GT4 2+2 and 400i siblingsā€”ā€œone of the few most beautiful, and one of the two most elegant, bodies ever to leave the lead of Pininfarinaā€™s pencilling vision.ā€ Many would disagree with such a hot take, but Iā€¦

Bus Weighing Three Times theĀ Limit of Old Wooden Bridge JustĀ Drives Across It Anyway

Fayetteville, Arkansas outlet 40/29 News reported on Oct. 15 that maintenance crews had to go check on a bridge about an hour away from the city after a bus that was more than three times the weight limit drove across it. The bridge, built in 1949 and called Beaver Bridge, is wooden and has one laneā€”perfect for aā€¦

Lewis Hamilton Will Chase His Fifth F1 World Championship From Pole in the U.S. Grand Prix

Formula One may be making its one stop of the year in America this weekend, but thereā€™s another red, white and blue flag thatā€™s important to this particular U.S. Grand Prix: the one British F1 star Lewis Hamilton could wave to celebrate his fifth series title on Sunday. Heā€™ll start first in pursuit of that title.

This Weekend Only, Take a Rare 10% Off Your Casper Mattress Order, IncludingĀ Accessories

Beyond the standard $50 discounts you hear about in the middle of every podcast, Casper mattresses donā€™t go on sale often, and Casper accessory deals are even rarer. But this weekend only, Casperā€™s 10% sitewide sale holds the promise of serious savings, if you still havenā€™t gotten rid of that old coil spring.

Lynk & Co Makes a Surprising Entry Into Motorsports With Cyan Racing Partnership and a 500 HP Concept Car

Cyan Racing, once called Polestar before Volvo bought the name and performance division, is an independent racing team that campaigned Volvos to Touring Car racing victories, most recently winning the 2017 World Touring Car Cup. Now Cyan has partnered with Volvoā€™s weird new little brother, Lynk & Co to run a Lynk & Coā€¦