Dive Into The Dumbness Of Macau 2017 With 20 Full Minutes Of Silly Crashes

The fact that there’s 20 full minutes of lowlights from one racing weekend should tell you that maybe a certain “historic” racing venue is a tad sketch. That’s what the 2017 Macau Grand Prix weekend gave us thanks to the mad genius behind CrashRacing. My only beef is that it’s not set to “Spanish Flea” or the Benny

Sadler Had To Be Held Back From A Fight After Losing Out On NASCAR Xfinity Title

There’s losing with grace, and then there’s Elliott Sadler tonight, who narrowly missed out on the NASCAR Xfinity Series championship at Homestead-Miami tonight. Sadler was especially frustrated with Ryan Preece, who he made contact with on track trying to get by. So, he tried to pick a fight with Preece on pit lane.


Porsche On Porsche Carnage Takes Porsche 919 Out Of Leading Its Last Race

Porsche’s attempt to end their Le Mans prototype program with a win like their sister-marque Audi did last year isn’t going so hot. The No. 1 Porsche 919 LMP1 collided with the No. 86 Gulf Racing Porsche 911 in LM GTE Am, taking it out of the overall lead and handing it right away to the No. 8 Toyota right behind it.