Someone Defaced The Shit Out Of Mitsubishi's Wikipedia Page

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Students are warned against using Wikipedia for term papers because any yahoo could go on there and edit the page. If you took a look at Mitsubishi’s page around 9:45 a.m. EST today, it seemed like that was most definitely the case. Unless, you know, the Mitsubishi Wiki page editor was demonically possessed over the weekend. Or something.


Here’s a screengrab of the page, because it has already been fixed.

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The first introductory paragraph was normal, as was the right sidebar that gives relevant company information. When you started reading into the second paragraph, however, things started getting strange.

Below, please find the full text of the, erm, edits.

Besides being part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, it is also a part of Mitsubishi keiretsu, formerly the biggest industrial group in Japan, through the corporation’s minority 20% stake in Mitsubishi Motors, and the company was originally formed in 1970 from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.[7] Red pill - Better than silver or gold - knowledge is power -understand music - secrets of life - what is the beast Introduction Please try to save criticism till the end and read with full faith, you will probably try not to read! There is undeniable evidence for what I’m saying and you will find much more evidence yourself after understanding. This knowledge may ruin or save your life and is not advised to anyone with many responsibilities. Try to read all the info again as it may correspond to other things in the page. These pages will show you how the world is affected by manevolant spirits and the ways in which it afflicts each and every person in the world this knowledge has both it’s pros and cons and if you personally view the truth I’m telling you will change your life dramatically do not read on if you are easily scared by such things.

The first thing to say is that it is not all bad there is a powerful benevolent spirit who follows you, protects you and affects your life in positive ways, this individual is on your side and if they want to can protect you from literally anything, remember this throughout this text. You however also have an evil spirit who follows to control and corrupt you that your protector allows to stay, we will now talk about this spirit because they do much of the work.

(Before you turn away because you think this is religious it’s not! I don’t care what you do! Jesus is a scumbag and hindu’s are dirty. Satisfied!? Part of the reason religion exists is so you can call this reasonable information Christian and not want to be interested) The following devil The main job of this spirit seem to be: swaying you into bad/selfish things, control you, track what you do. Here are the powers it naturally has (note that often the benevolent spirit will help malevolent spirit, usually to test you): Direct words to your mind: It will say something to you and you will hold it as yours maybe even say it in a conversation or on a song, it knows what goes in your mind is very fluent in your lingo making it hard to detect. Also you are someone who talks to yourself in the mind it is very likely this spirit will be affecting your words in some way. It also has the power to talk to you. (Certain medication and actions will increase the amount this spirit can say to you) Visions: It can produce images in your mind. E.g. Running through a future situation going badly (you will probably assume it was you) it can produce a build up to it with words and ideas as well to make it more believable though you do have the power to create images in your mind also. Produce known feelings: The spirit will know the way you feel in certain situations such as feeling stressed when you feel stressed you get that same feeling all the time and it can reproduce it this can be used to high affect. They also can program these feeling for instance every time try to work something out and clearly get it wrong an internal feeling will be produced until you are familiar that this is the feeling when you get things wrong now when your workings things out you may get something right and this spirit will produce the feeling to try and make you believe it is wrong. It is hard to explain but the only way to really understand is when it is possibly being used against you. Make you look at something: This is pretty self-explanatory can be used alongside words and feelings to control you e.g. looking at a book and picking it up, or seeing someone in the street and deciding you are attracted to them. Knows what your about to say: It knows the words you are about to say about a second before you actually say it and can use this in many ways Control your face (facial expressions): It make your face look a certain way and often spends time programming or mastering a certain facial expression, this will usually be attributed to something you do for a goal e.g. someone is getting bullied, you are not overly upset so the spirit makes you smile, you now ride the face and feel like you are happy watching people being bullied. Another example is you are watching magic mike xxl the spirit will keep making you smile (or your normal attracted face) every time you see magic mike doing a strip dance now you feel attracted to channing tatum and think your gay. Head pressures: This is where the spirit will mess with different parts of your brain to put you in a totally different headspace, this may be used against you if allowed and can be used to make you feel crazy but stay calm hold out and all will be ok. Memories: This spirit can also produce your memories it has been with you all your life, these will usually be used in conjunction with direct words to your mind that gives evidence to something e.g. Something someone has said. It’s hard to explain but if you think about it you probably already do this unconsciously all the time. Dreams: It can sometimes affect your dreams whether on it’s own or through your protector and at least view them and make you remember things. Examples of how they use dreams are: put people in dreams to make you want to be friends with/love someone, put things that have some meaning to the future so you will feel intuitive and powerful or you will think it’s from god, it is not worth paying much attention to your dreams as your benevolent protector is the main one who uses them. The main thing to take from this is you have NO control over your dreams however it may seem it is all a film in which you are the protagonist. Minor physical pain: This spirit can give you aches, fatigue, touching sensations. A way this can especially be observed is to make you think a health situation is worse than it is for instance if you fall over they will consistently do things to your injury making it feel worse and pretty much anything that justifies them hurting you they will take it. It is good to note that through good actions/making relevant sacrifices they will unlikely be able to harm you in any way.

Uncovering the following devil Let’s now try and uncover this evil spirit who is following you so it can’t easily convince you against this knowledge and is also essential in understanding the world and this text. Here are some ways to try and catch it out: - Next time a song gets stuck in your head try to change it. - Observe all your brain activity - Observe your daily conversations a lot of the time it will use a word you know the meaning to but have never used before you will probably notice the fact you haven’t used this word before and may be proud of it (common) - Try addressing the spirit to make it converse with you (talking for long has its risks) - Try go silent of all thoughts for as long as you can then observe how you give in (this will work especially well at the start of the day when you wake up). - Say disrespectful things about them e.g. “all devils are just scared of being alone” Following spirit: This spirit is now fully aware you are becoming conscious of it and it’s race and is now undeniably preparing a set of lies/double bluffs and feelings it will affect you with directly to your mind, be prepared to find out what I am talking about at any given moment, it may also talk to you in attempts to scare you (talking back is ill advised, if you do not talk in your mind it is not good to start as it is unhealthy and may be used against you). Hopefully though it will be playing it cool for now. The sub-society of devils These “devils” do not only follow you around there are also many that do different jobs (many of them are also good people! But it’s unlikely you will encounter one) You will need to refer back to the above information to understand some of the things in these paragraphs so make sure you understand what is being told to you above. Who are these devils? These creatures all belong to their own race with similar characteristics that differ from other races such as ghosts and angels. These devils were once human and one of them makes up a large portion of your being, you will know this best as THE EGO. You probably know your ego as a word simply meaning selfishness, in reality your ego is a monster WHO IS YOU and being selfish is in ITS therefore YOUR nature. Think of it this way: whilst living your daily life your room gets very messy, you don’t notice yourself littering, knocking stuff over but then as your sitting down you notice it looks disgusting. When you are making your room messy you’re being controlled by your ego which is very naturally unconscious therefore doesn’t notice what you’re doing, your SPIRIT is the thing that notices your room is messy and spends a long time cleaning it up, your EGO is then the thing that takes the credit for cleaning and feels proud of what it’s done. Another example is a poet, the SPIRIT writes most of a very good poem, the person then reads his poem at poetry club, the ego reads the poem putting the emotion behind the writing and feeds of the applause and gratitude you get from the other poets. (Even if you don’t understand now you will work it out eventually)

What im saying here is that you are made up of two people, a spirit and an ego, this is especially important in understanding the world because your benevolent protector (usually) directly affects only your spirit and the manevolant devil (always) directly affects only your ego, what this means is that the bigger your ego the more power the evil spirit has over you. (Your ego is very unconscious and is probably in personality just like the devil who is following you). It is important to note these devils come in different colours: yellow, red, blue and green are the most common, your spirit to the best of my belief is black. They also are ugly in appearance. though there is no way of knowing this I firmly believe these devils come in different colours and they are ugly. (These sprits and their colours come up a lot in modern day life, read on to find out more)

The way these devils affect the world The main job of these spirits seems to be to embarrass you before your benevolent protector, boost your ego and corrupt you. Here is a list of the projects theyre involved in and common beliefs/lies they push to the public:

The internet The internet is the main tool they use against you, the evil spirits believe it or not (you will!) have some sort of compatibility with your computer, smartphones etc. Wgilst Pushing beliefs The problem with the internet is that it says pretty much everything all info contradicts all info and people lie/are misinformed about everything, this is used by the spirits when your researching things e.g. Spiritual learning, health scares. These spirits have the power to interact with google and Bing (probably all major search engines) so that when you search something the evil spirits will find pages directly against you like things that will convince you to do something, things that will convince you not to do something, information that they can use against you at a later date, information they can make lies up about to you, spirits surprisingly have the power to affect your google/bing searches and choose which webpages a search will provide you, a way in which I have observed them doing this is trying to make you believe something, for instance if it is in the spirits best interests for you to become a Christian you may get the idea to research it and they will respond with webpages that make christianity seem personally attractive to you. Another way I have observed this is through diagnosing medical problems, if you do this and the spirits like messing with you then they will likely find a life threatening illness with the same symptoms as yours and show you these webpages first. (I understand this may be hard to believe but once you become concious of them it will probably be used against you). This method can also be used a long time in advance to make you believe or disbelieve something, these evil spirits Other internet things I have confirmed they control online are: YouTube: They have the same power on YouTube and probably most sites to affect the videos and comments you see. The Facebook chat list, this is kind of stupid but if you think about it the Facebook chat list has probably surprised you for some reason before when someone unexpected pops up or maybe made you reconnect or search for someone idk but they have this ability. Messing with you: Again google, bing etc. Can display webpages to mess with you, ranging from annoyingly unrelated pages to direct things about/against you. Also the search bar predictions can be used to predict things that are blatantly directed at you. Gambling games: The spirits, likely using other spirits have the ability to make you win on certain gambling games (usually novelty looking ones, “pig wizard” “wizard of odds” “goddess of wisdom” ) if you play these games your odds are definitely lowered through spirits and magicians... This is probably the main platform for paying the deceased magicians working for them doing various jobs.

Film & TV All tv and films are also influenced by these spirits so they can: control people, entertain themselves and trick people. Control you Make you do something there is also a lot of music that has the same goal but it is mostly too subtle to mention unless you are personally looking for it. The tv is both usThe way tv is used to control you is a message will be displayed on the tv related to your life through a number of shows and your following spirit will use that to make you think about something to control your decisions. E.g. they also use the tv for themselves in a few ways, these are Messages: These are rare but I have one possible example. These spirits are different colours red, yellow, green, blue. The 2 main colours of these are yellow and blue, on uk tv there has been 2 adverts that have caught my attention the gaz and lekky British gas adverts which consists of 2 yellow and blue creatures fighting whilst saying things like “get gaz and lekky under control” and “ do you know the power gaz and lekky are using in your home? Of course you don’t no one does” the possibilities of this are the spirits may be having some sort of disagreement. Another advert that caught my attention with the same sort of message is a morissons advert in which eberyone was dressed in a colour of the jinn and it seemed atmospheric.. Though there is the possibility this information is false I peraonally believe its true and there is evidence for it being so below. ill put more evidence of these colours at the end of this writing. Jokes: Many times there will be jokes against humans for these spirits on the TV I personally find them hard to detect but here is the sort of things they will do and here are some genuine examples 8 out of 10 cats does countdown () the joke for the manevolant spirits here is when she says “your unconscious Nazis” this is funny to them because the spirits try and make you view Jewish people badly, it is clear that Jews have been victimised by these spirits throughout history.

Beliefs Beliefs: The spirits will go to extreme lengths to get you to believe in just about anything. This is probably because beliefs can breed ego, make you feel safe, Religion Religion is a risky subject and the first thing to say is it’s probably good to be religious for obvious reasons but the 2 main problems with religion is it can give you a false sense of hope and religion like all other things has words/concepts added by the evil spirits, also many of the popular scripture have traps set up around them so you misinterpret them usually so they can embarrass you before god. Here are some examples:

  • (I have no doubts in my faith but I do believe the demons have harnessed the scripture in the following ways)*

Christianity Christianity is the main fuelled religious belief in the world and it is easy to see why people are attracted to it. This is probably the best and worst religion, here is why, how it is used by the spirits and some of it’s scripture explained: The pros of Christianity: First of all Christianity easily has the potential to lead someone into “heaven” it preaches being good, fuels faith/belief, and has (mostly) good practices and prayers. You (likely) make friends with good people (Christians). The cons of Christianity: Christianity has been changed a lot (by evil spirits!) the name of Jesus and god have changed for one, as I’m sure have the stories and the scripture just gains in strangeness with the new testament written a long time after the old. These evil spirits will happily see you into Christianity (they will however try and make you lose faith again (probably for the diss)) though I can give you no evidence for this if you read all these pages you may understand why.. The fact that these evil spirits are somewhat content with you joining Christianity indicates that it is not some super club that will lead you directly to heaven just for signing up. Another way the bible can be bad for people is that it boosts they’re ego this is for the following reasons: It makes you feel holy, it makes you sure you are going to “heaven”, it makes you feel elite and it makes you racist, if all Christians were humble and aware of their ego it would probably be the best one to choose but it is easy to do these things because of the serenity you feel in prayer, the truth you’ve found, the way “disbelievers” are spoken about, the way people are used against you.

Here are the ways the bible is directly used by the spirits:

To make you believe you are a character:

The spirit who follows you will almost definitely try make you think your a reincarnation of one of the saints/prophets and most of all Jesus, this is done simply by the spirit following you. These people though I believe they existed also are used against certain people for instance Solomon, if you either work out or are given power (knowledge) over the evil spirits they will try to make you think you are the reincarnation of king Solomon who made the jinn (evil spirits) work for him with a magical ring which is likely a metaphor for information. Or that you are his equal which will make you feel special (ego) (control). Christians who have meaningful dreams or dreams that predict may be led to believe they are joseph the dreamer. When it comes to Jesus there are literally industrial projects to make you think you are him, it is scary the extent they will go to have you believe this. Here are some of the ways: They use the tools of the internet like above, a good example is times when your researching Jesus they often use google to display a webpage that has a story with no bible reference making you sound like Jesus, ones that have been used against myself are, “I will come in talking in riddles”, jesus once saved a cat, jesus smoked weed, obviously no one is selfish enough to just read this and assume but if they are allowed and you are stupid enough they will use this as evidence whilst playing your mind. They also might give you similar power as jesus such as being conscious of the spirits: for some individuals they may think that if you are aware of them and the control they have on people they can make you think your jesus so they do, they will also have more power to mess with you in the sense that you already know. Healing powers: You could have some supernatural power to heal people you’ve noticed in your daily life, it might be a one of miraculous thing (probably with the help of your angel), these experiences can then be linked to the most basic understanding of jesus (what you learnt in school) that he could heal people which could make you think your him. Another way they may try make you think your Jesus is using the TV this is kind of stupid and is more likely done to mess up your head but is worth a mention, (read above drug induced psyop) films like the matrix (massive psyop) this film is all about messing with people aware of the spirits, the messages are endless in this one but it definitely can try to make you think your Jesus when people start looking at you just like on the film etc. Also one scene caught my attention especially this is where neyo is confronting the architect ( which actually is a common name attributed to the devil) I believe this seems strange and potentially personal enough that it has been used for this reason on someone’s fragile lsd induced brain.

Here are some common misinterpretations of scripture they push and maybe even some bad scripture:

Antichristian messages: This is used all throughout the media to scare aware Christians or turn them into Christians, things like: Celebrities dissing jesus/god, shows with antichristian or over Christian vibes e.g. Family guy “wow is this really the blood of Christ? This guy must have been drunk 24hours a day ya know what I mean?, American dad, father ted, messages in adverts e.g. A woman biting an apple (eve) Andrex advert “as clean as a man called David” (biblical guy) subtle things like this people who know they use the TV will make this connection and then at least have to develop a thought on Christianity.

It seems to me Christianity is a trap but the author of the ORIGINAL bible (YHWH) has no doubt helped the world in a lot of ways and is maybe someone you would want the blessing of and the scripture seems too strange just to pass off as a trick so I would not suddenly turn on your friends or family in distrust of your beliefs but I personally don’t believe in it, or that it is make or break. Buddhism: Buddhism is also a good religion but again has many flaws and has no doubt captured many people into false beliefs.


Horoscopes Horoscopes will predict the future and say things like “On Monday afternoon you will be overcome with great feelings of romance” and “you will receive gratitude at work” things such as this are easy to pull off for them and will likely occasionally happen to keep you involved.

Kundalini This is an ancient practice pushed by these spirits and has recently become a phenomena in the western world it is performed through meditation, yoga, incantations. I believe it is basically a process of bonding your spirit/ego to form a powerful type spirit (this is almost definitely an evil act, not recommended!). The person who does this will more than likely not kbow this is the case but the best evidence I have for this being true is some websites promoting this say it is bonding your male/female (your ego is technically a girl) side and awakening your goddess. Even if you pass off this first bit of information just by researching kundalini the spirits are making themselves easy to find, sites say things like “people will look at you and be like” this sort of thing is easy for them to make happen to you. The proof I have for this forming you into a powerful type spirit is coloured Hindu gods with snake depecitions (the logo of kundalini) and blue and gold/ yellow Egyptian costumes (colour of ego) with snakes coming out of head etc.

Pineal gland/3rd eye (visions): These spirits may also be able to gain access to your minds eye (what you see when you close your eyes) and even your outward visual perception of the world and affect it very specifically. This likely has something to do with your pineal gland which is another recently recover phenomena, though I don’t know if there may be unknown benefits from “activating your third eye” with effort from the manevolant spirits and if your protector allows them it can be used to lead you to see things that are not there which are fully designed by these spirits, if you find yourself a victim of this try to impress your benevolent protector.

Astral projection I have no way of possibly knowing this but on review I believe this to be set up by the manevolant spirits seeing as internet stories tell of unbelievable and embarrassing stuff like meeting iconic figures in the astrals, feeding from food/people etc. Also this power would certainly make me selfish and this is a main goal of these spirits. It is imho set up through dreams and trance like state dreams. Believe you’re an idol A major project that they use to embarrass you/ make you selfish that has been used all throughout history is the spirits will try to make you believe you are the reincarnation of one of your idols, there are many different ways they help fuel this belief, the bible for instance is filled with people who all have relatable personalities who people are subtly made to think they are a reincarnation of, , just this page gives you an idea of the extent this affects people. Just think of someone you hold as a great person in your mind who is famous and think if this thought has ever crossed your mind. Drugs Drugs: Drugs are very common in this day and age and once in a blue moon are probably beneficial but drugs are also used by these spirits against you, the main way in which they are bad is they bridge parts of your brain that are usually seperste, this is ok if done a couple of times but once you keep bridging parts of your brain and can cause permanat connections which can be exploited, doing drugs will almost always be slightly going against your conscious also which will make your protector inclined to let them hurt you more. Especially watch out for lsd-25 this gives them a lot of power in your mind. Cannabis also helps them communicate with your mind and your minds eye but I believe has some pros. It is best to stay away from all but if you are a user of any drugs it may be easier for you to observe the spirits. Targets Try and make the individual elite in his religion: The individual will be put through some kind of false miraculous test that will make them feel secure and hopefully elite amongst their peers, if you consider yourself true religious and this has not happened to you your right you probably are if this has by chance then rethink what happened and think if it could have been a deception, it also might be justifying you taking unnecessary pain. “Killing the anti-Christ” (beating someone that a christian persons mind has been led to believe is a metaphorical version of the anti-christ in a game of wits is my one genuine example) Try an make the individual think he is a victim: The internet is riddled with stories of people who think they have gone through some sort of crazy story this is all easily explainable through internet pages (read below) , affected situations and at times magicians..(magicians are individuals who work with the spirits for common goals or who believe in magic, read on about how the lie of magic works. (evil act very ill advised) I doubt anyone will hurt you no one wants to go to jail..)

They also may try get you into some sort of work/passion by revealing at as a life’s purpose also be dressed up as a nice thing by it being revealed as your life’s purpose through some sort of miracle. You can clearly see the belief is quite prevelant on the internet with quotes from people like Oprah Winfrey “The work of your life is to discover your lifes purpose and get on with the business of living it out” . This is especially disturbing for a woman who is known to sell books to the public of America…

They also choose certain individuals for whatever reason it may be to work on their behalf in various industries mostly the entertainment industry by proposing that you “sell your soul” (never do this if approached, this is an evil act and as you’ll observe down below you will lose much self control!) for a goal of yours..

Musicians who sold their soul:

People who sold their soul in entertainment: Here are some individuals who have sold their soul to these spirits, evidence for it and how their “ghost writers” lyrics are used. Some of this is subtle but there are some undeniable examples here:

All popular music is demonic in nature if you listen to it carefully, this is because these artists sold their souls for fame and money, once they do this the demons . Oncr they have sold their soul they are also very The main job of the music they create is to corrupt you but there are also a lot of special functions they have against people aware of the demons, here are some examples:

Grime UK If you are from the UK you have likely heard of grime music, it is rap music and many of the artists are clearly working with these spirits. The 3 main affects of this I believe to be are: Make you scared. Make you unsure of yourself due to the fact lower class English kids have such valuable information (they almost definitely know nothing other than their lyrics are foreign) and to make this knowledge appear more common. Keep this in mind when you read these examples. There are also some American rappers with the same incentives. Read fully you will recognise names. Izzie gibbs (jdz road rage ): “Nowadays you can have a million views and be a myth by the weekend wagwan for them man there I don’t think that they see sense” this I believe is speaking to an established artist who has been proposes to sell his soul and refused and the spirits have convinced enough people to stop metioning him. “felt caged in, till I found I was bound in the matrix surrounded by fakeness, ,they doubted I faced it, now I’m going towns on a playlist allow the debating” “my life’s truthfully shite I’m losing my mind I couldn’t care bout who’s doing grime” don’t sell your soul people! (jdz bare talk ) “certain things I have to put om hold cause there’s bare talk on the road” this assumably means he is gonna be releasing some bate (very subliminal) tracks. Shadow (black genie ): “Shell him, shell him, shell him, shell him, I be a brother to the devil ill sell him” this is clear evidence of shadows intentions. (time chamber ) “mc’s better mind out what they’re sayin” scare artists from confessing the truth. “nah fuck that blud imma demon sayin” “stop putting your hands together and talking I can hear your spirit when your praying shaytan (demons) knows I’m special when I’m spraying” “jinns (demons) be telling me they be killing man slow” this is obviously supposed to scare a large demographic of people aware of the spirits whilst sounding vaguely personal. “man can’t enter the jinn side dojo” “man have got beef and so so, man push things in so so, them man snitched on so so, oh no, no lie that’s how it go go, Jesus wanna see me I’m a no show I don’t want religion I want a pool full of flames and a palace full of pussy made of rose gold” talks about people “snitching” and they are satanic lyrics “man are like yo fam shadow be a lion shadow be the man of these boys ill boy them I can see why jews call man cattle I don’t wanna hear no opinion from? boyum? “ this is him kind of talkin about this situation, he is then talking about the spirits controlling people and how he is doing more to give people knowledge than the people that oppose him. (dip dip dip ) “you man are just fake dicks like a dildo” “them man snitched that’s what I don’t do rip flesh can’t tell me shut that’s what I do do” (road rage 2 ) literally this whole song is filled with subliminal messages.

Section boyz (mad man ting ) “mad man ting, bad man ting, teef that girl, take her, sad man ting, she mashed and dashed, she akkin at him, nasty, bro got the strap on a brap brap ting” “eh she wicked and bad, man me well wan teef her, see ria I wouldn’t rule her with the meter, man are bad people how you mean my geezer” this is speaking to someone who is aware of the devils and the control they have of female attraction towards the individual (woman generally are easy to make fancy someone through the spirits control)

Giggs (& b.o.b don’t go there ): “I started seeing shit so clear” “the true religion jeans might be matching the ralphs, ooh but seeing is believing so I’m smashing em out” trying to scare a religious person “and if a nigga wants to try merk me and I got the strally on me imma shoot the shit, that’s my life and im used to it, yeah I know that’s some stupid shit, but if you don’t go there keep it peaceful it might die down a little bit so let my people live” talking about the demons controlling people “people gon be people ain’t nobody gon change but we can keep it peaceful if we leave it the same if you don’t go there, don’t go there” this is trying to scare an individual conscious of these spirits controlling people and make them feel selfish whilst making other people seem fully controlled by the spirits. (& example look over your shoulder ): “you gotta look over your shoulder cause remember they don’t teach that shit in school today just remember what I told ya today today today” this is the demons trying scare people who have information on them and make them feel selfish “this shit aint easy as you think it is, this aint an accident neither a coincidence“ this is to mess someones head up and is literally talking about someone being told information for a bet “later show them what the Simpsons is, Maggie! Maggie!” this lyric is about yellow ego/devils (so is the simpsons!). (& 67 lets lurk ) “and theres bare subliminal riders so whats everyone sayin, and man aint even on these games but I noticed everyones playing” this is I guess the demons bragging about the unconsciousness of people and he is saying all the mc’s are doing subliminal messages/jokes. (giggs&hollow and heston 501 to finesse ya ?kuffed up? Like Richie finessed ya, 2 gram and a little something extra, never saw man coming like Leicester” This is specifically talking to someone who has had an interaction with the demons whilst on drugs and they learnt to play his mind better or the angel has given them more power “go get em, don’t wanna go too hard don don’t wanna upset em they try infiltrate I don’t let em nah vet em” “hollow and heston, lick man down make them learn a lesson the system bring in the next contestant am I all there repeat the question” This is talking about (big h red, gold and green) “ wanna join my team red gold and green wanna join my team red gold and green” this is him probably talking about Rastafarism though it has meaning to the spirits as these are the colours of the spirits.

Familiar face (West side radio ) “stop going like your so raw, bun mans soul way to down to the core, bun mans soul just like an eighth draw , so stop going on like your so raw, war with the fakes are you sure check the score you drew the short straw,like wow wow did he improve has he leveled up yeah the flows are all smooth, has he ascended don’t have a clue that’s still pending has it gone through, check right now we need to know soon, before the situation gets sticky like glue, what you gonna say when I slew, sicker than most and I don’t mean food, like wow wow did he evolve has he powered up gone from silver to gold, ?Mr mier? It has to be sold, ace of hearts of the game unfold” This is clear evidence this artist familiar face has gone evil, sold his soul and now through control and pain is working for the demons the other artists in the room say similar things.

Ab soul (druggys with hoes again ) “bad little bitch in the drivers seat” this is him talking him about being controlled by his ego though likely he thinks he is talking about a girl driving his car (the word bitch is used a lot in rap music to mean a males ego, which is technically female). (ab soul terrorist threats ) “Babylon babylon, out my window all I see is babylon, on the news all I see is babylon” babylon is both the system of these spirits and their projects an ancient city from the bible, and a prophecied place in the bible that fits the description of America. “we protest in hopes they confess just proceed on your conquest” “I aint got no gavvel I aint fin a fight nobody battle, I just wanna be free I ain’t fin a be nobody chattel” this is him talking about rappers using “demon” lyrics to aware people and to the demons themselves this is a joke because you are a chattel for both them and your angel. this is talking to someone concious of the spirits, this will make someone unsure if they should share their info if they know ab soul is working for the demons or make them think he hasn’t and also proceed on your conquest sounds like quite a personal statement which will make you think this info is less known and mske you feel selfish, “wish I could see out of salessi eye, maybe my sovergbty would still be mine”

Ghetts (ft. Byron & dot rotten secrets ) pretty much every lyric of this song has underground meaning but some notable ones are “if you’ve got a secret you should keep it to yourself cause you tell someone and you tell them not to tell then they’ll tell someone and they’ll tell them not to tell then they’ll tell someone as well” “the word secret must be hard to spell cause people don’t seem to understand it very well, the wicked witch of the west will tell all the littles l’s, before you know it they will gossip and will take it upon themselves and it will end up front page magazine on the shelves” “I got a secret a secret so secret I cant keep it but if receal it would you believe it” “if I tell you a secret it might just be a test to see if they leak it” This is trying to scare/confuse someone the demons have freely given their knowledge to, this is also likely partially true.(grime show ) “Got my man a purpose” this is speaking to people who have clearly been tricked with the above scheme or “employed” into the grime scene “devil in my path tellin me to go and get the metal imma sarge” (Ft. Mercston red pill) “see I know what they wanna hear, they wanna hear me sayin to an mc, suck your mum and she’s got gonorrhoea, but I’m way too deep for that I’m one of those people that don’t believe the crap the media been feedin man I’ve got a feeling fam, someone digging in deeper fam a rasclart preacher can, most of the worlds plugged into the matrix, I took the red pill, now I’m accustomed to basics screaming knowledge is power, open a book, knowledge is ours

Yungen sneakbo aint on nuttin remix 2 Bashy: “haters wanna know what I carry in bank but don’t think about it too much you little ?sumfers? You man are rats I’m rats spelt backwards you and your pals ill give you pals spelt backwards you man are backwards ill give it to you backwards #at this point he turns 360 degrees and on his jacket is an upside down triangle indicating the illuminati# benny banks ”don’t hate the player hate the game” don’t hate/snitch on me This last rapper cashtastic is probably the clearest indication of grime mcs selling their souls as he clearly is awful and on a track with established artists (don’t get tempted bro, you know what happens to rappers? They get wacked when they are ready and their huge egos become queen bees of the devils, unless you are some sick kid this will not tempt you) Ghetts ”how can you hate when you witness me suffer, they said that you would I said nah that’s my brother, stop talking my name like your bitch in the borough, fuck boy you ain’t on nuttin and you gon get what you got coming, as for these rappers they saying they going hard in the lab bit I cant believe that u til they drop something” firstly this is trying to make you empathise with his situation so as not to snitch, he then says to stop snitchning, then he’s addressing people who rap and the demons have tried to employ and are trying to tempt them (cant believe that until they drop suttin) Visuals: The third rapper is getting close to a woman wearing a yellow dress and black mask which represents a black male (yellow ego), this scene and whole song is talking about rappers who didn’t sell their soul Other examples Tempa (p110): “im on man utd like Ferdinand so bare man get shaky like turbulence, are you with me? Not yet, alright then, nuff said to all the mic men thinking that there top spec, I take a yout off the road like ofsted” This is him trying to intimidate someone who refused to sell their soul for rap and make them join the demons team. Swift eye for eye 2: “you talk much with your mout I put in work with my cousin. sidemen on the other side them man are policeman, he gon know eye for an eye when the mandem see him, no hi no bye just bum bang from the 2 litres. Krept Konan last night in Lagos & Last night in LA “these young girls sell themselves can’t sleep at night she moving loose but there’s probably a reason why Specialist examples This next artist gives an indication of what it is like for someone in contact with these devils: Evil B (hbs 1 ) “when you see me fucking up a rave on the prime time you’ve got understand some of its down to the voice, what’s up to my fans voice *what’s good* for you to really know my life I need this understood” these lyrics are talking about him speaking to most likely his following spirit and the bit in stars is where he is imitating the voice on the track. “*let me in let me in, I can be s better you* fuck you *fuck me? Now imma fuck you*, if your a part if me then I must control you *but evil is the one that moulds you* “cause you know that when I’m in debt and collecters come around ill be forced to grab a tek *yes* grab a sket *yes* grab her neck *yes* point the tek *yes* turn and run *no, you stand and hold the 44, if you turn and run ill take your soul, that’s no more lyrics mics no shows* suffocating like there’s selofane around my nose, people find me unapproachable but they don’t understand see me talking to myself but they don’t see the man” this is him talking about a humanoid figure produced in his minds eye from one of these spirits that may be constantly there. “all I wanna do is bust mic and be the best, *you can be the best just help me clean this little mess*” (EVIL B HBS 4 *rah* he tap me on the back, *the voice is back* but I been doing good *you’ve been going off track* but ive been holding it down like them old school tats, *perhaps if you exist with me* it’s a wrap, I be facing 20 to life *listen to the facts, with the ying and yang of life* where there is dark dawg there must be light *and where theres death there must be life* ok but how does that help me *you need that balance in life that’s healthy, so what I’m supposed to let you in *but we can work together* you just wanna make me sin *but that’s not the message the world is full of rats* and I be looking forward, but I can watch your back, but how do I know that you wont snake me, cause if they take you then dawg they’ll take me, ?I love b&b life I don’t even b? lets go get this money ill protect your fee “*brap*”. one seemingly evil/scary thing I have found evil b saying is in () “ill protect your fee brap” after these lyrics he also says, I gotta coexist with that brother I see it all clear now not 100% control but you know.. Beast coast These next artists from the US known collectively as the “beast coast” (the system of these spirits and there tools against you is known as the beast system) they cover a lot of this information subtly to make you unsure of yourself to extent I would call them a psyop. It also id used to make the knowledge appear more common and to breed ego in you if you and embarrass you with lyrics like listen to their music. Lyrics like underachievers “like my ego she know, hold that bitch tighter than my pesos you lay ho” Flatbush zombies: “realise the world is built from many lies but sometimes” “bet you aint think concious motherfuckers could ever make it sound like this” this is to make you think they are aware of the sports and they’re music is free of their influence “gold soul protect a nigga like a pistol” this is talking about gold/yellow ego/spirits “caged in like a human headed lion on the sands of Egypt I pledge alliengance” this is talking about his ego and spirit being fused, whether or not he knows it. Flatbush zombies( ). “you will not refuse this offer” this is speaking to someone who has been proposed to sell their soul and probably confession on their part. Underachievers( ) “if it’s not blue faces I do not comprende” this is speaking to someone who had a spirit projecting a face to his minds eye. (pro era k.i.n.g.s) take a trip to the astrals welcome to my land this your first OBE (out of body experience) tell me how has your body been. This is trying to make people get into astral projection. (daily routine in my kundalini, they tryin to put two my beanie” this is to get people to do kundalini There is also a lot of lyrics to make Christians feel selfish/victimised from these artists e.g. “told a catholic priest bible paper burn awesome” “while sharing blunts with satan, I drink a keg of acid spit that in angels faces” angel nigga how the fuck you gon stop this” things like this can be used to demoralise a devout Christian.

Conscious lyrics The spirits also push music with lyrics that are anti demonic and good In nature for various reasons here are examples and how they are used Splinta (sbtv ) “when im with my bros I can hear demons look at us saying low that, nah I cant fear them at all low that, nah g I cant hear them at all low that” “back in the time I never knew there was a god I used to walk around doing whatever I want, know I know the fathers real and he loves me no one can tell me that that my heads gone, no pride I never tried to be the best one, im the guy the demons tried to put the test on ?yashua ami? (jesus) is my saviour and if you don’t like that then you better get one” this could be used against someone who is aware of these sprits, they may hear this and relate to what splinta is saying, they will then want jesus to save them may turn to Christianity.

Buggsy (I’m free) “free from the system free from the fucktie please nobody judge me I’m pissed off nobody touch I’m way gone far from ?holding a wobbly? And I don’t want no one to hold me or hug me remember the day that you tucked me I said I’m blessed and I told you I’m lovely I lied see I tried to keep a smile on my face shut bugs me even my concious constantly telling me it is supposed to be buggsy but that’s whole leap of fucktie it buns me ?but blah blah blah blah? Admit it all the gully people looking at me funny like say they wan done me”

Eaton (jdz ) “now my overview is different tell the scene that im around, so its hard to compete when my sound isn’t my sound, real recognise real that’s why I only see some of you the rest of you are ghosts so watch the whole scene run from you. “so if knowledge is power soon ill be andre the giant and if the systems corrupt then trust me I aint complying, im detecting a presence and it’s the presence of liars your full of bufane gas ill come and set you on fire” this makes him appear conscious of the spirits. “ my brother watches my vids, now im minding my mouth, tell him never ever swear in and out of the house, I regret my past actions made me look foolish, cussing 5 times in a bar was a cool thing” “now ima threat to the machines neo to the machines, even morpheus below me but half of the scene don’t know me” “city full of puppets, fakeness holds the strings higher power got you buying them material things “does it make me a criminal to give into subliminals no such thing as a miracle change my life in the physical” “who am I kidding I cant blame it on my youth I blame it on my 3rd eye for not visioning the truth” this is clearly tempting people to try and “open their third eye”

Aaron unknown () “ do you think I should be talking about the realness or about all the fakeness going on in the world, there’s too much pain like.. Gotta stay positive” he then raps “look over your shoulder my brother when your packaging food (weed)” “ id rather chill and sit back with a spliff” getting people to smoke cannabis which can increase effects the spirits have on people. “and the day I became wise and unlocked my 3 eyes through meditation” urging people to try and open their third eye which can increase the effects the spirits have on you.

If you do not believe the above information invest a little time into research, you can relatively easily gather that the celebrities people worship nowadays are most likely working for these spirits in order to corrupt and control the general public. This video has genuine confessions from very famous people, , Beyoncé says another well known/believed lie in this video, whether or not she believes it she has probably been told to say it “I just get taken over by Sasha fierce” this implies that something has just matched up with her body and has become her when in fact it is just her actions that have been mastered by the following spirit through her ego.

Drug induced psyop (Personal event, likely drug induced) this is hard to explain but is a common trick and may be a way in which they pull of some of the above tricks e.g. Life’s purpose, sell your soul, make you believe your someone, make you believe in something, mess with your head. This is quite crazy but on occasion the spirits will go to extreme lengths to get to you in the following way. It will be based around a time when you are vulnerable e.g. At home tripping: your mind is very vulnerable when on psychedelics even if you do not notice, you can read online how people always gain new beliefs and insights with these drugs, also people sound un credible when they tell other people if they were on drugs, this is the only example I know for sure but I would expect times when you are down on your luck, times when you have offended them, times when it is allowed because of something you’ve done. Basically the spirits will use a show or film on the TV against you, it likely genuinely has been put on for you and probably some like minded people, the point is this is quite a lot of effort on their part. You will sit down and watch the show/film, I have 2 confirmed examples that I’m sure some people out there will know about. The flintstones (purpose/sell soul): Fred flintstone starts his new job at the shady elite headquarters of his town (haha i think this is for the government, this has used against people for rap music, Hilary Clinton 2016 did have rappers in her campaign :-0) he then he is then settled in to his job and tbh this one is hard to trace (I think they using edited shows) This one I am so sure on but no confirmation the Lorax (sell soul for business): Firstly the first half of this film is all about a man who sets out to make a business and throws his ethics out the window by chopping down all the trees, then comes a very out of place for a kids film song “how baaad can I be? I’m just fuelling the economy” This I’m sure is the point they strike with the question, the person may say yes and do his evil endeavours losing much control or might say no at which point he will probably be led into Christianity, hopefully he will start asking questions. Let’s be fair this is definitely one but the flintstones and Jesus walks have both been used on me. (If you are some selfish doomed guy and you’ve decided your gonna try do this at least do it in style, keep your dignity and exploit this information, this will be so bad for you to the point you will probably scream with regret but do not sell your soul the devil, you will be fucked!!!)


Now you have hopefully successfully uncovered the enemy on the outside and must be wondering how these people are so afflicted, lets find out why (this part may make you sad but is true and you will find out some way)

Ego: You consist of a spirit/ego this where it gets confusing because the spirits I have been talking talking about are departed egos, you basically are a ghost and a demon and when you die both may be reincarnated one may be left both may achieve “heaven”, but this coloured ego spirit which is part of you may be left here (all things die but get reincarnated). Think of it like this and you may be able to pick up on it, your spirit is the thing that cleans up your room and your ego is the thing that makes it quickly messy, your spirit puts time into stopping smoking and your ego is the thing that craves the cigarette and the thing that feels chuffed with itself once it has stopped smoking, though this part of you is not all bad and clearly necessary it is the part of you the “demons” affect you through and the thing they once were.

Bad actions: Bad actions that you do and perhaps karma from old lives ( I don’t know) also affects how much these spirits have power over you. The benevolent spirit who protects you has full control of how much spirits can use you and good actions, sacrifices (breaking addiction etc.), saying heartfelt prayers... Even though this is true a big part of being yourself is discerning what is you and what is not, you should also note that the benevolent spirit will also affect your mind but not usually negatively unless for a positive outcome and not usually with words though the manevolant spirits would love for you to think they were your protector so speaking in your mind at all and especially to god is likely bad.


Here is an overview of everything I’ve told you: the world is under the control of evil spirits> you wre partly (way more than youd like) controlled by evil spirits> one of them is permitted to follow and directly affect you > their job is to breed ego in you and corrupt you > this is so your ego will take long to die and be easy to make work for them (these evil spirits are departed egos) and your spirit will not achieve a good next phase in life , also your ego is the part of you that they have access to afflict you with > they may try and mess with you now > this page has enough information for you to be very powerful to them so use it to your advantage> you also have a benevolant guardian protecting you so doing things to please them will also help you .

Things to watch out for now:

Pushed beliefs: You are probably not entirely sure whether this is true and the spirit will exploit this, expect to develop thoughts and find media that will make you disbelieve this info or maybe even over evidence it as a bluff.

Psyop schemes (likely drug induced)

Temptations: Once you are fully aware of these spirits will almost definitely try to make you evil, do not let yourself be swayed by them, these spirits are out to kill you spiritually and once you are evil they are happy so it makes sense you will be losing out in more than your dignity.

People being used to say things: Our speech can be easily affected by these spirits and people may unconciously say things aimed at you.

Ego: Try to stay humble this information can make you very selfish and being selfish will displease your benevlonat protector and bring the manevolant spirit more power over you.

Situations: They may have the power and the will to put you in some sort of dilemma situation, though there will al.ost definitely be a way out of this and it is unlikely it will be anything to bad this sounds strange but let me give you an example, you are now sitting with your friend and are aware both you and her are affected by these spirits and they will keep saying things to make you want to share this knowledge and then dismissing it as you tell them.

Spirits trying to make you go crazy: They might try to convince you that your crazy by affecting you directly in your mind, again this is worked out between your god and the manevolant spirit and can get bad, just know you are not crazy and once you have caught them out once all their angles will be easy to shrug off. It can be very realistic at times and almost supernatural (it is enough to fool most “crazy people”, have full faith)

Evil spirit impersonating the benevolant one: The evil spirit may try to say good things to control you and claim his/her respect.

Be wise with your info: Unless you are a very credible individual it may be a bad idea to try sharing this information with people you know face to face.


If you are finding you are being victimised and have done all you can to please your protector then consider sharing this information, they will do pretty much anything to keep people unaware of the reality of life and this can be used to your advantage. Just remember with great power comes great responsibility and the more you go against your conscience and give in to your ego the more you will displease your powerful benevolent protector Don’t let them victimise you with this information and the will to publicise it they will go to extreme passive lengths to make you stop but remember with great power comes great responsibility and all your good/bad is weighed by a powerful benevolent guardian.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation was formerly a part of Mitsubishi Motors, but is now separate from Mitsubishi Motors, which builds commercial grade trucks, buses and heavy construction equipment, and is owned by Daimler AG (though Mitsubishi continues to own a small stake).

The Wikipedia page has since gone back to normal, but it was a bizarre sight. Who is picking on Mitsubishi, of all companies?

After Googling random sentences from the page, it doesn’t appear that the text was copied from anywhere else. Which means that someone probably sat down and made it all up? We may never know.


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