911 Tape From 140-Car Thanksgiving Pileup Describes The Chaos

Police have just released the 911 calls from the massive foggy pileup along I-10 outside of Houston on Thanksgiving Day that claimed 140 cars and two lives. In the two (of many) tapes you can hear the underlying panic as the pileup continued.

An initial crash during the dense fog on Thanksgiving Day morning led to a chain reaction that sent around 90 individuals to local hospitals. Trucks landed on cars, which slammed into other trucks, which hit other cars. A couple in a Chevy Suburban were crushed to death by a tractor trailer.

As with most pileups, there wasn't a single moment when all the cars collided with one another, but rather a slow collection of much smaller collisions as drivers couldn't see the disabled cars right in front of them.

The second caller in the tape below cries out to the 911 operator that "things are still hitting me" even after the initial crash.

It's a sad reminder that you're sometimes better off waiting out the fog than trying to drive through it. (Hat tip to GridlockGoddess!)

Photo Credit: AP</em

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