'81 Datsun ZX Turbo: You Own The Road!

Remember zero to 50 acceleration times, back when 60 was a forbidden speed? Well, the awesome '81 280ZX Turbo could do zero to 50 in 5.1 awesome seconds. Did we mention awesome? Bonus points for cheezy sound effects and use of a Hired Voice who sounds almost as macho as his Japanese counterpart.


Classic Ad Watch: Apple's Woz Thinks The Datsun 280-ZX Is Awesome! [internal]

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I have a soft spot in my heart for the 280-ZX. My (eventual) stepdad had one, which made his presence in my life tolerable.

@penaloza: The thing had the livliest rear end of anything I've ever driven (and I have a 911 now). I spooked my teenaged self a few times on mountain roads. I also managed, accidentally, to pass the car ahead of me in a u-turn on a slightly slick street by adding just a bit too much power; as we completed our turns, I ended up right next to the other guy, one lane inside him. A turning circle nearly within the length of the car without really trying — cool.