70% Of The New Renault Twingo Will Make It To America

The new Smart ForTwo will reach the US in August 2015, but the bigger ForFour will only join the party if there's enough demand to justify the homologation costs.

If you live in one of those places where you can buy the rear-wheel drive Twingo, have no fear because CarAdvise reports that the Renault-Daimler joint development means up to 70% of it will also make it into the new Smarts.


While the Twingo is 3581 millimetres long, the Smart ForFour will be shorter at 3505mm and the third-generation ForTwo will be almost exactly as the current Smart at 2692mm. The Smarts will also differ in offering electric drive as well as the 1.0-liter or a 0.9-liter turbo three-cylinder.

It seems like Daimler wants them to be tough little cars:

Photo credit: WalkoART

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